3D Frog Lifestyle Cycle Craft

Print our 3D Frog Daily life Cycle Craft three-dimensional model templates and make intriguing interactive displays.

Given that you like our butterfly daily life cycle approach and check with for additional, we future established this frog existence cycle system (we organized more for you).

Children's 3D frog life cycle craft

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This 3D paper model will take you to realize the 4 levels of the frog everyday living cycle…


Every single quarter of the screen is committed to a phase, and the egg stage reveals frog eggs in the drinking water.

3D frog life cycle craft egg


The second stage, divided into two scaled-down stages, displays a tadpole and the subsequent phase, a tadpole with legs.

3D Frog Life Cycle Craft Todpoles

Little frog

The 3rd phase reveals a frog in the drinking water.

3D Frog Life Cycle Craft Froglet

Grownup frog

The closing stage exhibits an grownup frog sitting on a lillypad.

3D frog life cycle craft frog

How to make a 3D frog existence cycle craft


what do you want:

  • Our butterfly daily life cycle product template
  • Heavier printing paper/card stock
  • Scissors
  • glue
  • Optional: If printing a black and white variation, make sure you use coloring consumables

Step-by-move tutorial

Print template-pre-colored template or black and white 3D model. With a black and white template, the to start with step you require to take is to colour it.

Slice out the diorama part-slice together the complete outer line.

Cut all 4 parts.

Then fold it together the dotted line on the diorama template.

Tends to make the folds attractive and crisp.

Run your fingers as a result of the folds or use craft sticks.

Use glue to the area marked “Glue”.

Thrust the glued component under the quarter circle component and glue them jointly. You will get a quarter of a cylinder condition.

Repeat the other 3 parts.

Now glue them alongside one another.

1st glue the to start with two alongside one another-apply glue on the overall facet of a person and adhere them alongside one another.

Wait around for the glue to established.

Continue the rest.

Now reduce out the part of the frog’s daily life cycle.

You can contain title areas or exclude them.

You will discover dotted traces and text on each part.

Fold along the dotted line and apply glue on the specified location.

For the eggs, fold along the dotted line, implement glue and stick them someplace in the drinking water.

Subsequent is the tadpole stage. Fold the two parts with each other…

…And stick it within the diorama, as proven in the image below.

Subsequent is the little frog, you can stick its head out of the water.

Finally, the frog.

1st glue the lillypad on the diorama.

Then stick the frog on the leading of the lillypad.

You can also paste the names of each individual phase of the frog’s lifestyle cycle on the a few-dimensional design.

You’re finished, your 3D frog daily life cycle crafts can be shown.

3D frog life cycle process

Get 3D frog existence cycle craft template

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