Top 10 Advent calendar for teenage girl 2021

The Advent calendar is always one of the most interesting holiday gifts ever. With the hustle and bustle at this time of year, it is a good idea to take a step back every day of every month and open a mini prezi. Contrary to popular belief, those cute Advent calendars are not just for kids. In fact, I found some cool things that adults will also like. What JIC is curious about is that there are several Advent calendars for young people who are difficult to please. Shopping for young or non-baby age groups can be difficult, but trust me. Here are some ways to make them laugh throughout the holiday. Follow with Viknews .

You can see exactly what I am talking about in the gallery below. I have compiled 27 great Advent calendars for teenagers. Whether the teenager on your shopping list is a professional beauty blogger or a sweet tooth, you will never be satisfied. The upcoming Advent calendar is a smart way to view it on your gift shopping list. This year, shipping will be a 100% headache, so grab it now before December arrives! !

Video advent calendar for 14 year old boy

Top 10 advent calendar for teenage girl

Disney Storybook Collection

The first kids Advent calendar that I wanted to share with you is such an amazing one. This is the Disney storybook collection. The Advent Calendar is absolutely huge, as you can see he ran. It feels such good quality.It’s basically like a giant book that you then open up and inside there are 24 individually gift wrapped Disney Christmas books.

Advent calendar for teenage girl 2021

They are really good size. It is like a proper story and this will give your child such a lovely Christmas book collection and it’s one that you can read over and over.Each.Couldn’t go through this and I just think how lovely that each day you can open up a story book and then that’s the book that you’re going to read that night and they have all different types of Disney characters from Dumbo to Mickey Mouse frozen to a really recent Disney films like onward. They have all of the different characters, and as I said, they are all Christmas themed.This is just such an amazing one because it’s only £10. You can pick this up in Argos or Asda for 10 pounds. I think I paid £14.00 for it on Amazon, but I just think what a great collection this would be. Such a lovely gift for any child and I just loved it. It’s like they’ve got all these little books that you guys can read together .

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Smiggle Calendar

The next one that I wanted to share with you.The past two years running and they really loved it and I think it’s very good quality. My children love this middle store in general, but I find that when we go there for back to school supplies I can spend £50 so quickly just by getting a few markers and pencils and stationary bits that they need but.This Advent calendar I actually picked it up for 16 pounds. It was on offer I think when its full price was £28 but all of the stuff inside it is very good and if you bought it all individually it would cost way more than the Advent calendar costs.

Matt said it so reasonably you should just buy it and use it for stocking stuffers like all the bits inside it.As I said, all the stuff inside is like proper toys, is like markers, smelly pens, the slap bands. There’s key chains. There are so many cool bits inside of it, so I would really recommend it, especially if your child likes smiggle like mine does.

Hungry Caterpillar

I also wanted to show you an Advent calendar that I think would be great for a baby or a toddler.One or two year old. This is the hungry Caterpillar Advent calendar, and it’s an old fashioned picture calendar. This is what they all used to be like, so you would open up a window each day and get a little festive scene. But I just think this is so sweet and I know when my boys were babies they would have loved opening up the windows and it kind of like.Get everyone in the Christmas spirit without having all the toys or treats.

It also comes in a little envelope and you can get it from about £5.99 so it’s really reasonable, so I thought it might be quite a nice one. A sense of someone that you’re thinking of, especially in 2020 when we can’t see everyone, especially babies that might be in your family. So yeah, I just thought it was a really, really sweet.

Crayola Countdown

Next Advent calendar that I wanted to share with you is the Crayola Christmas countdown. This would be such a good one if you have a very creative child who loves to do arts and crafts. I read some amazing reviews about this online and now having seen inside it, it is such a good one. A really good value for money. It was £17.95 on.Amazon and inside there are 24 different art supplies. There is paint. There’s even model clay. Those markers, crayons, glitter glue, loads of different things inside.

But the thing I really like about it is you also get 24 little cards in a packet and each day there is something for them to draw on or to do. There are word searches.There are Christmas decorations. You can make those paintings by numbers. There’s some really cool things and I think that this would actually keep your child quite busy because there’s an activity for them to do each day. So not only do they get the art supply, they also have an activity to use it on. So I really really liked it. 

Peppa Pig

Someone’s recommend that one Next up I have Advent calendar for all of the Peppa Pig fans. This is the one that Jackson had last Christmas and we really liked it. It was 20 pounds to buy online. Was not the cheapest one but the toys inside are actually really good and he still plays with them now. So it looks like this and there’s even a little seen here. So each day the idea is you get a little toy.And then you can put it onto the scene and play with all of the things. And as I say, you get lots of little characters.

There’s also a really good sized Christmas tree in it, and he still likes playing with the toys. Now. There are a few days where you just get a little gift or present, or just a little star, but because he’s already got quite a few things going on in.Seen he didn’t seem to mind last year. 

Mr Men Books

Next up I have another story book collection, Advent Calendar, but I can’t help it. I think these are such a lovely idea and this one is the Mr Men and Little Miss Story book collection so it’s similar to the Disney one in that it looks like a big book itself and then you open it up and.Side there are 24 individual little Mr Men books.

The majority of them are Christmas themed story books, but there’s a couple that aren’t, but they are also well known stories like a Jack in the Beanstalk or Princess and the pea, and they’re really good sized stories. So you’ll have a lovely collection at the end of this and it was.Only eight pounds. You can pick this up in Asda for that. Or you can get it on Amazon, which I did so I could prime it for this Web and that was £14.00. I think it’s really good value for money and won again. 


Then you can read year after year, every December you could get this out if you wanted to. And yeah I just love it and I couldn’t make an Advent calendar Web without.Including one from Lego. If your child is Lego obsessed like mine are, these are great. This year I’ve got Caleb be Harry Potter Lego Advent calendar, but they have loads of different ones. They have a Star Wars Lego advent calendar.

They have a friend’s Lego Advent calendar and also one that is all those little cars and Lego City.So these are great, so it comes out like this again. You get a little snowy scene and behind each window you get a little pack of Lego that they need to build. So each morning they can build it themselves. The only thing that I would say is different this year is the instructions aren’t actually included in each window. You have to get it on the app, so that was the only thing I was thinking.Oh, I don’t know if I want to give my phone to the kids each morning so that they can work out how to build things cause I don’t let the kids have the phone on a school morning, but I guess they’re trying to save paper and all of that stuff and we still love it and I should have mentioned the Lego ones start at around £20. 


Next up I wanted to show you the play doh Advent calendar. This is £15.99.And what I really like about it is on day one you get all of the play DoH pots down the bottom and they can actually get that all out and start playing with it immediately. And then what’s actually behind the doors for the 24 days leading up to Christmas is little playdough cutters N rollers and knives, and you also get.Day to see to play with it on, so it’s great. If your child really likes to play DoH, you get like a gingerbread man.

Star snowflakes like all kinds of different ones and we still have it now in our play DoH set. So we’re still using the little cutters that it came with so it’s a great one if they really like play DoH.The next one that I wanted to share with you is for slightly older boys and girls that are really into football. This is one. That phrase is used in the past and it’s the match attax. 

Match Attax

The Advent Calendar is 20 pounds and it opens out like this and behind each door there is a little pack of football cards and I think you get 5 in each pack.But each year they do this Advent calendar. So it is like the football season. So this is the one for the season of 2020 and 21 because obviously football players move around a lot and Fraser would definitely be hot under that. So it’s all like the recent players at the right team and he really enjoyed collecting them. He really looks forward to it, so I thought I would.Share that one with you guys. And lastly I couldn’t forget Paw patrol. This is a great Advent calendar.

You can pick it up for about 16 pounds in August and it’s similar to the Peppa Pig one in that it has a little snowy scene and then behind each door you get a little toy. But again, the toys in this calendar are quite good quality. You get the actual little characters.There are really good sized snowmen and Christmas trees. You get little shops for them, and even like a little half pipe for them to snowboard on, there’s a couple of days when you just get like a snowboard, which might be a bit like. Ah, but because you have all the other characters as well, I think it is actually really good. And again, we still have.Some of the characters in our toy room. The kids still play with them now, so I really like that one.

Paw Patrol

The couple of Advent calendars that I really wouldn’t recommend is the Hatchimal Advent calendar. We had that before. Honestly, the little bits inside it. I just felt they were really cheap plastic that was just going to end up in the bin and I also wouldn’t really rate the Pokémon.

There only because of the price. It’s about a 35 to 40 pounds device or just those that are a little bit expensive. But if your child is like obsessed with Pokémon, obviously try and get it and I want to say that of course if you didn’t want to buy like a pre made one you can buy little Advent calendars that are empty.Then fill yourself to make it very personalised for your child so the boys have these ones from my first years I believe the only downside to this one is the doors are so tiny so it would be difficult to get like any like sizeable things in there. But that is of course another great option. I’m a little bit too lazy. I’d rather just buy.

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