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Craft Sticks Bald Eagle – 4th of July Craft concept for children

The bald eagle is a symbol of the United States, so they made a perfect July 4th craft for the children-get a couple of popsicles and enable the children make this lovable bald eagle craft.

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Craft Stick Bald Eagle-Children's Craft Ideas on July 4

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This ought to be a person of the cutest Independence Day output strategies ever-craft sticks are so multipurpose, if you add a minor paper, you can use them to do far more attention-grabbing items-like this bald eagle.

This is a wonderful challenge for the classroom, for the reason that you will close up with a total flock of birds to decorate the classroom.

Finished Bald Eagle Craft Rod

How to make craft stick bald eagle

You will will need:

  • Craft adhere
  • Micro craft rod
  • Brown and yellow cardboard
  • White craft paint
  • brush
  • Scissors
  • Slimy eyes or round gap punch
  • Very hot glue/sizzling glue gun

Bald Eagle Craft Stick Project Supplies

Step-by-step guidance

Place two micro craft rods horizontally, and glue about 5 craft rods of common measurement to other rods vertically.

Step 1-1

Paint the base of your craft adhere white and let it dry.

Step 2

Measure a piece of kraft paper about 3 inches higher and as wide as 5 craft rods, and then glue it to the bottom of the craft rod foundation.

Step 3

Minimize 2 brown wings from your kraft paper and glue them to the again of the craft adhere foundation.

Reduce out a compact yellow triangle, fold it in 50 %, and bend the major of the peak a bit…

the fourth step

…And then glue it to the heart of the white prime, and then glue two squishy eyes over the beak.

Minimize out two claw-shaped yellow toes and glue them to the again base of the eagle.

Step 5

Your craft adhere condor is concluded.

Craft stick condor

Appreciate creating!

DIY craft stick bald eagle

The task was contributed by Erica.

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