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Dutch braid vs French braid pigtails ? What Are The Differences?

Do you like braids as much as we do? Many girls confuse two fancy braids: French braids Vs Dutch braids. Let’s take a look at these two to understand the difference!

Girls want to practice and make many different types of braids on different occasions. Some headbands are more formal in texture and more suitable for formal occasions, while others are more suitable for everyday wear. The favorite types of braids for girls are Dutch braids and French braids.

People often confuse the two. So we put together this guide on the difference between Dutch braids and French braids. Follow Viknews now !

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Video is dutch braid or french braid easier

What is a French braid?

Hairdresser Angela Boswell explained: “French braids are three parts of a braid, one of which runs through the middle of the head from the top of the head to the nape of the neck.”

Dutch braid vs French braid pigtails ? What Are The Differences?

Timeless French braids can be done with single braids or braids. This type of braid is different from ordinary braids because it braids a small part of the hair into three strands when weaving. The final result should include all hair and fit snugly against the scalp. When about 2 inches of hair are left, the ends are usually fixed with a ponytail holder, but the exact amount of hair left depends entirely on personal preference!

How to do a French braid, step-by-step

Looking for a quick tutorial on how to try this updo at home? This is a step-by-step guide to making a single French braid.

  • Step 1: “Comb your hair! Tangles will make it harder for you to braid your hair,” Boswell said. She added that adding some texture to the strands is also a good idea. “One day’s hair helps prevent braids from falling out. Clean hair is too soft and fluttering braids. Try adding a little dry shampoo to the roots to squeeze out the excess oil. If it is clean, use a styling spray. It is A great product that can give your hair a bit of grip and increase your body while making it easier to braid.”
  • Step 2: First divide the hair into three parts on the top of the head, and then weave it into one or two traditional braids. Pass the right strand through the center. Then pass the left strand through the center.
  • Step 3: After doing this a few times, continue to use the outer chain center pattern, but start to put in another hair piece. Now, before crossing the left or right part of the center, grab a small piece of hair from the side of the head and add it to the hair strand you are moving. You should choose a straight line of hair from the hairline to where the braids are formed.
  • Step 4: Continue to work downwards until there is no hair to consolidate. If you have long hair, you can change back to the traditional braid and complete the remaining ponytail.

To braid two French braids, first separate the middle hair, and then repeat this step for each half of the hair. If you are making corn on the cob, divide the hair as needed and repeat the process for each part.

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What is a Dutch braid?

“A Dutch braid is the three parts of a braid, one of which intersects from the top of the head to the middle of the nape,” Boswell said.

The Dutch braid looks more like a braid floating on the hair, with parts of the hair neatly tucked underneath, rather than layered braids. Think of Dutch braids as upside-down or upside-down French braids. Placing the left and right strands under the center part will form a pop-up braid.

Like French braids, this braid hairstyle can be used as a single braid or a double braid. Double Dutch braids are also called “boxer braids”.

How to do a Dutch braid ?

The skills to master Dutch braids are almost the same as traditional French braids. An important difference is that the outer part is put down instead of the middle part.

Otherwise, the steps are the same. For Dutch braids, make one or two traditional braids before weaving a new hair. Once you start braiding, you will continue to braid a small portion of your hair all the way to the nape. Remember, it is at the bottom, not the end.

To make Dutch braids really cool, Boswell recommends pulling the braids a little at a time to loosen them and make the braids look thicker and bigger. He added: “If you braid two, use a tail comb to make a perfect part. If the braid is a bit messy, a neat part will be the point.” Finally, once the pieces pop out, use a hairpin and a little hairspray to hold it firmly. Fixed in place.

Difference Between Dutch Braids and French Braids

This is an easy-to-read comparison chart of Dutch and French braids to help you understand the main differences.

French Braid

Dutch Braid

  • It is a flat form of the braid.
  • It gives off a 3D impression.
  • The strands of hair cross each other over the middle section of the hair from above.
  • Strand cross three partitions from under the sections of hair.
  • It gives off a smooth appearance.
  • It makes a thick bunch of braid in the middle.

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