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How a rubber band around door lock ?

These resilient office staplers get the job done when it comes to holding papers together, but they’re also super versatile aids that you can use anywhere in your home. Here are some of the problems they deal with well How a rubber band around door lock ?  Follow with Viknews now.

Video why should you wrap a rubber band around door locks

How to make a door lock with a rubber band

Your door allows people to enter your home. But they also keep unwanted guests away. That’s why we have the key. But sometimes, your door lock gets damaged. It could be a toddler who banged it too hard, or a teenager against the lock after a noisy night out. It could even be weather damage.

Whatever the cause, you may need a quick fix while you wait for the locksmith to arrive. If you are a DIY enthusiast, maybe you can create a new lock using items around the house. The rest of us just want temporary solutions, so here are some ideas.

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1.Open a door easily

Wrap a rubber band around the door handle so that the “X” that presses the latch opens. This trick is especially useful when unloading a handful of groceries or when you need to open a sticky door without waking your sleeping child (or husband).

How a rubber band around door lock ?

2.Pick up a dropped object in a tight spot

Stretch a nylon sock over the vacuum’s extension wand and secure with a rubber band. You can then use the machine’s suction to safely pick up what you dropped behind the couch or under the bed.

3.Unscrew a tight cap

Whether it’s a pickle bottle or a nail polish bottle, a rubber band can help hold on to stubborn lids.

4.Get a grip on a stripped screw

Place a wide rubber band between the screw head and the screwdriver, and twist to remove it.

5.Clean a paintbrush

Pull the rubber band through the paint can to provide space to wipe off excess liquid from the brush. This will minimize spills and keep the edges of the jars clean so that you can easily reseal them when you are done.

6. Make sure that the clothes will not slip off the hangers.

The rubber band with vertical hooks at the end of the hanger can provide enough friction to keep the top slippery on the floor.

7. Fix the earrings.

Soon thereafter, Mr. Momasaurus discovered that a small piece of rubber band could be used as an earring or the like.

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8. Secure the cutting board.

If the circuit board slips when slicing, wrap a rubber band around it to fix it on the counter.

9. Restrict the liquid pump.

Cakes, cake decorations, desserts, sugar paste, plastics, sugar cakes, candies, fondant, wedding cakes, wedding supplies,

If young children (or guests) tend to use too much hand sanitizer, please wrap a rubber band around the neck of the bottle to control the amount of flow out each time you tap. [Photo courtesy of flickr user chilsta

10. Take a place in the book.

Use rubber bands as bookmarks to keep the book in place even if it falls off the shelf.

11. Place the tool nearby.

Fingers, wrists, joints, metal, fashion accessories, hammers, household hardware, tools, bracelets, hand tools,

I found this clever idea on Hometalk. If you are working on a project on a ladder, tie the rubber band to the tool and wrap the other end around your wrist. This way, if you need two hands, you won’t lose your grip or fall to the ground.

12. Put a cushion on the remote control.

Use rubber bands to surround the staple food in this family room to prevent scratching the coffee table or slipping on the floor.

13. Make stamps for your DIY projects.

Stationery, writing instruments, paper products, office supplies, pens, pencils, paper, office equipment, office equipment, notebooks

Just like SAS + Rose’s Jessica, you only need a rubber band and glue to turn a wooden block into a cute pattern stamp.

14. Or make punching easier.

Numbers, plastic, wood, signs, squares, wooden blocks, toy blocks, rectangles, hardwood,

To arrange multiple stamps evenly in a row, such as “Happiness is homemade Heidi”, please fix them with elastic bands.

15. Flower arrangement.

Before putting the flower in the water, wrap a transparent rubber band around the stalk to keep the flower decoration tightly packed.

16. Make a notepad.

Pink, lavender, purple, tape, violet, magenta, paper products, adhesives, Gaffer tape, paper,

The first step of finishing is to wrap a few rubber bands around a piece of wood, just like in this Whimseybox project.

Rubber band on door knob crime

why put rubber bands on door knobs at night : Warn! ! ! During the day two weeks ago, the banging of the front door was almost a knock, rather than a normal knock. (To be honest, I think something may have happened to someone, and I need help) It feels like something is wrong…Don’t open the door when I’m here alone. So don’t bother! After a few knocks, they finally left. I glanced at it and knew through the stained glass on my door that this was a man. About 30 minutes later, I went out and found that I thought it was a booklet, but there was a rubber band around the handle.

Rubber band on door knob at night : When the latch was opened, the door could be opened. I called Ron and he told me to take the gun out and leave it alone. The sheriff came yesterday and said that this happened suddenly. As soon as you opened the door, they said they could attack you without waiting for you to turn the handle. Be careful anyway, I used someone so trustworthy, but I don’t use it anymore! So I have a gun and I know how to use it. FYI, I shot my husband the last time we aimed at it. So believe it. I will use it. Live too much! Don’t open the door without knowing who the other person is! Those days are over! ! ! ! Children also need to pay attention to this!

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