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How Long Does It Take To Go Completely Grey ? Tips for transitioning to Grey Hair

Just because you are grayed out does not mean that you are about to start offering discounts to seniors. Surprise: Gray hair can grow at any age, if you put on white hair, it will be very beautiful. So How Long Does It Take To Go Completely Grey  ?

The use of silver curls as one’s tie is becoming more and more common. In addition, compared with hair dye, it has a lower maintenance cost and is more friendly to your wallet and hair. (Although dyeing your hair is also cool!)

However, there are a few things you need to know before you start your own gray hair transition. Follow Viknews Now.

Video Tips for transitioning to Grey Hair

How Long Does it Take to Go Completely Grey

  • From the moment the first gray appears, it may take about 10 years for all of your hair to turn completely white. It all depends on your genes.
  • This is a gradual process, unless you have a disease, your hair will not turn white overnight.
  • Now, if you want to speed up this process, there are always some methods you can use. We will tell you about this later. Using these methods, you can completely whiten your hair in 3 years.
  • If you have not decided to switch to completely gray hair, you can use spray dyes or style your hair in a different way.

There is no secret or magic formula that can accelerate or delay the appearance of gray hair.

Over time, this is a natural phenomenon. How does your skin show that you are old? There are wrinkles. Where’s your hair? Gray hair.

Hair follicles contain pigment cells that produce melanin, a chemical substance that gives hair color. As we age, these cells begin to die. Without pigment, your new hair will become brighter and show a variety of shades from gray to white.

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But there is an irreversible fact. Once the production of melanin in the hair follicle stops, the color of the hair will not recover.

This may seem like an ultimatum, but it is important not to make a fuss. Just because you have some gray hair at the age of 35 does not mean that your hair will turn completely white within a year.

According to genetics, the hair may not turn white completely until the age of 50. There is no universal rule, because other factors such as vitamin deficiency, stress or diseases such as vitiligo are also involved.

We recommend a game for you. Look at your parents.

Do they have a lot of gray hair?

If so, when did the first gray hair begin to appear. This will give you an idea of ​​what will happen to your hair and when it will turn gray completely.

Is your hair a bit gray?

There is a way to hide it without using hair dye.

How Long Does It Take To Go Completely Grey ? Tips for transitioning to Grey Hair

Is more than 50% of your hair gray?

Then you may be at a crossroads. Stop dyeing your hair and embrace gray or use another coloring technique to hide gray.

Therefore, if gray hair has become one of your biggest problems, please stay with me.

  • How to hide gray hair when it turns gray
  • How to make hair completely white

Then it’s time to decide which side to stand on. Will you declare war on Baifa, or accept Baifa as your best ally?

Hairstyles to hide the first gray hair

High fever

If you have some gray hair around the top of your head, you can put all your hair in a chic bun. Don’t use the middle part to collect your hair, because the bangs may look gray.

Side ponytail

If you have white hair in the middle, this hairstyle is optional. If you have some gray hair on your neck and back of the neck, this is also ideal because this hairstyle will cover the entire hair.

Use headbands and shawls

You can wear a wide headband to cover your gray hair, or you can use a scarf and shawl to cover your bangs.

Bulky hairstyle

To use this option, all you need to do is create volume at the roots and use some curling irons or curling irons to form some curls. Curly hair will make your hair look more bulky and hide those annoying gray hair.
Now, if you are in the middle and your hair is 50% gray, I want you to know that the worst is you. Want to hide gray for a more natural look?

Highlights of moderate gray hair

If your hair is almost half gray and you want a more natural look, you can add very subtle highlights to the areas where the hair is still dark.
This creates a gray effect where there is no gray effect, resulting in a more uniform and detailed color. This option is perfect for those who are very irritable and want to hide all gray hair at least from the naked eye.
In addition, if you participate in an event and want to make your gray hair less obvious, you can use spray dye to cover your gray hair.

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Now, what about people who are tired of dyeing their hair because they have a lot of gray hair?

There is only one way left, and that is to turn gray completely. But I warn you. This is not an easy road. This is what I am going to talk about next.

How to turn completely gray hair

Whether your hair is 80% or 50% gray, transitioning to all-white hair is not an easy task.

It’s not like you stop dyeing white hair overnight. Because gray hair does not appear magically like touching it with a magic wand.

It takes patience and a lot of personality to see gray hair appear. At the same time, you must learn to live when the hair is neither gray nor good.

When we talk about perseverance, one of my clients, Gloria, comes to mind.

As far as she is concerned, after she decided to stop dyeing her hair, she turned completely white in only three years.

Yes, this is a good read. 3 years! Gloria’s hair grows slowly. In addition, she will trim the end religiously every two months, because she can’t stand an open end.

Of course, everyone is unique. If your hair grows quickly, trim the ends only once every three months, and your hair will reach your shoulders after two years.

If you are patient, you already have 50% of what you need to turn gray. What about the remaining 50%? character.

A few years ago, another customer, Raquel, was tired of dyeing her hair to cover her graying hair and decided to quit. So I cut her hair with an elf, because I can’t see the white roots she grows.

Two months later, she returned to the barbershop for a haircut, and said goodbye to dyeing her hair forever, because all her hair roots have natural color and 70% gray.

We are all different. Some women want more gradual changes, such as Gloria. Others are more radical, such as Raquel.

If you are not a radical woman and do not want to shave your head, then my advice is:

Switch to a lighter shade.

The transition to gray hair should be properly planned. One way is to brighten the current color with one or two shadows so that there is not much contrast with the new natural growth.

Trim the ends every 3 months.

If you choose a very short shortcut, it is ideal, but please don’t consider it.

Makes hair brighter.

Is there any part of the old dye left? You can have some bright spots so that they don’t contrast too much with your growth.

Does the whole strand of hair turn grey

In fact, the hair is not “gray” at all. When hair is produced from the hair follicle, the color is set. Once your hair starts to turn brown (red, black, or blonde), the color doesn’t change (unless you dye your hair).

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