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How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair 40 Vol

Sometimes we want drastic hair color changes, such as changing from dark brown or jet black to platinum blonde. In these cases, you need a powerful 40-volume developer to do the job.

How long should I leave bleach 40 Vol on my hair? 40 volumes of developer should stay on the hair for a maximum of 20 minutes. Long-term use can cause great damage to the hair and scalp.

In fact, these imaging agents should be applied to the scalp instead of being applied to the scalp. 40 Volume Developer should only be used if your hair is dark brown or black and needs to be done in a hair salon.

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Video 40 volume developer on dark hair without bleach

What is 40 Volume Developer?

Developer is a key component of hair dyeing. Without them, you will never achieve the desired results.

When used with hair dye, it can open the stratum corneum and make the hair dyeing process more efficient. The developer contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps whiten hair.

If you are looking for:

  • The overall color is consistent
  • The right dye
  • Remove natural hair color for lighter tones

The mixing ratio of hair dye and developer will vary according to the desired result. The brighter the color you want, the more developer you need to mix into the hair color.

There are developers of different strengths in the market. The developer’s “power” is indicated by the number next to the volume indicator.

As you might have guessed, the developers of Volume 40 are quite powerful. In fact, developers over 40 volumes will not see it. It can only be used in professional hair salons.

How Long To Leave Bleach In Hair 40 Vol

40 vol developer is 12% peroxide. It is not recommended to dye hair at home because of the risk of serious damage to the hair. Also, be careful not to touch the scalp directly, as it will cause scalp burns.

40 volume developer must be used with whitening cream. Lightning fan works the same way, so it is an option. Brighten hair to level 8.

How Long to Leave Bleach in Hair 40 Vol?

  • You should leave 40 volumes of developer on your hair for a maximum of 20 minutes.
  • Long-term use will cause irreversible damage to the hair. There is a risk of hair becoming dry, brittle or even broken.
  • I do not recommend using Volume 40 Developer unless you have had the experience of death. We recommend using 30 volumes.
  • If you still decide to use it, take all possible precautions to ensure that your hair can withstand the treatment. For example, you can apply coconut oil 3 hours before bleaching your hair.

Another very important detail.

Before using 40 volumes of developer, the condition of the hair should be assessed.

  • If your hair is very dry
  • If it is difficult to solve
  • If you have a lot of curly hair, it is difficult to style it.

Do not use 40 volumesof developer.

  • But before we start, let me ask. Why use 40 Volume Developer?
  • 40 volumes of developer are for use in beauty salons only.
  • If you have no experience in whitening, we recommend that you do not use 40 volumes of developer.
  • If you want to bleach your hair, we recommend using a 30-volume bleach that is less harmful to hair fibers.
  • Developers may think that the larger the volume, the more tones that can brighten the hair at one time.
  • It is true, but the greater the volume, the greater the damage.
  • If you want to bleach and brighten your hair easily without damaging your hair, please read on. Because this article will tell you all the secrets of the transaction.

Does 40 Volume Bleach Damage Hair?

40 Volume Bleach is used in a few steps for dark hair that needs to be bleached intensely to brighten it. The darker the hair, the more serious the damage to the hair from bleaching.

If used improperly, 40 volumes of developer can cause serious damage to your hair. Also, avoid applying it on the scalp as it can cause burns and irritation.

To minimize damage to the 40 Volume of developer, do not bleach at home. It may be cheaper at first, but you will have to spend more in the salon to repair damaged hair.

You didn’t mention that you might not get the results you want. The hair dyer will check your hair every few minutes to make sure everything is under control.

When Should You Use 40 Volume Developer?

40 Volume Developer is very powerful, I only recommend using it when other options do not work.

It is used to enhance the color of dark brown and black hair. However, if you use bleach on your hair, you should also consider your hair type. Thick hair is usually more suitable for high-volume developers because it is not as damaged as fine hair.

Hair quality is also very important. Even if your hair is dark brown or black but severely damaged, it is not recommended to use a strong developer for bleaching, especially 40 vol.

When you want to raise your hair to level 8, use 40 Volume Developer. If customers want cool gold, they usually choose it.

Will 40 volume developer lighten hair by itself

Both bleach and developer contain hydrogen peroxide. Peroxide is a component that breaks down the natural pigments of hair, allowing us to become lighter in different stages.

The hydrogen peroxide content of the developer is lower than that of the whitening product mixed with the developer. Therefore, the developer contains hydrogen peroxide, which can lighten the hair by itself. However, the results will not be satisfactory.

Their own developer can technically enhance the current hair color. However, it is better to mix it with whitening cream or powder.

Using 40 volume developer alone does not reduce hair damage. Unable to achieve the expected results, the procedure must be repeated. Therefore, it is recommended that any major changes in hair color be checked by a hair expert.

Which developer should I use to avoid hair damage?

It is best to use 20 or 30 volumes of developer.

20 volumes of developer are suitable for light to brighter tones.
30 volumes of developer can have 2-3 levels of brightness, from dark to bright.

If you want to remove dark tones such as black or dark brown, you need to whiten it twice with 30 volumes of developer.

In this way, you can brighten your hair without damaging it.

However, if you still want to use 40 Volume Developer, I will give you some tips to avoid excessive damage to your hair.

Apply coconut oil 3 hours before bleaching your hair. You can also use argan oil.
When mixing 40 volumes developer and powder to make bleach, add a little coconut oil to minimize damage. Need 8-10 drops.
Do not use lids or aluminum foil, as they will generate more heat and will logically cause greater damage.
Prepare a little mixture and apply it to a small area of ​​the hair to see if it can withstand the tone and treatment of the hair.
After bleaching, moisturize the hair with a keratin mask.

Follow this advice and your hair will not be damaged in the process.

If you decide to mix with 20 or 30 volume developers, you can also use this suggestion.

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