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How often should you blow dry your hair ?

Today Viknews tells : When it comes to hair care, we can’t forget that the daily small thing that greatly affects our hair is hair drying. Drying your hair is both a way to help you dry your hair after each shampoo and a way to help you style your hair. But not every girl knows how to dry her hair properly without damaging it, and sometimes makes disastrous mistakes. So let’s find out about 5 mistakes that not everyone knows when drying hair incorrectly! So How often should you blow dry your hair ?

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Is it good to blow dry your hair after a shower.

Drying hair at an inappropriate temperature

Most hair dryers have two wind modes – hot and cold. Use cold wind mode to fix your hair after styling. Cold wind will slow down the evaporation of water in the hair, helping the curls hold longer, in addition to the cold wind mode also does not cause negative heat effects harmful to the hair.

Also don’t dry your hair at the highest temperature, which is one of the main mistakes that make hair dry and brittle. The maximum temperature will help your hair dry faster, but you should only use this temperature if absolutely necessary. Otherwise, use the average heat to dry your hair or dry it in cold mode to ensure the health of your hair.

Dry your hair while wet.

When you wash your hair, your hair is still very wet, so you will definitely have to dry your hair for a longer time. This means that you will have a heat impact on your hair for longer and your hair will be more likely to weaken. So, before using a hair dryer, you should use a soft cotton towel to absorb all the water on the hair.

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Use a hairdryer in the bathroom.

Many families still leave the dryer in the bathroom and plug in the dryer right in the bathroom for convenience when washing their hair. However, this is extremely dangerous because if the power outlet is too close to the water source or just a few drops of water can cause an electrical leak.

In addition, if unfortunately the plug of the hair dryer fell into the puddle, then not yet dry enough to plug into the power board is also very harmful. Or when you are using it, accidentally dropping the dryer into the water is also extremely dangerous. When one of these two cases occurs, the user can be electrocuted, even lose their life, seriously affecting health. So to avoid unnecessary accidents, you should not leave the dryer in the bathroom.

How often should you blow dry your hair ?

Use a hair dryer to dry clothes

The dryer functions as drying the hair but many people use it to dry the costume by placing it inside the pants, sleeves or socks. Although these items can still be dried, the danger is extremely high because: When placing the dryer near materials such as fabrics at too close a distance and turning on for a long time will make the heater and unable to escape heat. This can easily lead to fires and unnecessary accidents.

Use the dryer when there is an unusual sound

If you are using a dryer, suddenly see strange sounds such as something stuck to the propeller inside, you should turn off the machine immediately and observe. Deliberate use will cause the machine to explode, affecting the safety and life of users.

You should take the machine to the repair shop to remove the object trapped inside. If the machine is too old or damaged by the trapped object, buy a new one to use.

How to use a hairdryer properly

The hairdryer is like a close companion of the sisters in the care of their hair. However, not everyone knows how to use a hairdryer properly. In addition to the mistakes to avoid when using a hairdryer, there are also a few tips on how to use a hair dryer properly and safely that we have learned for the sisters.

Hair care before drying

Get yourself into the habit of using heat-resistant products to protect your hair from each drying, not only when drying but also when you use the heat impact on your hair. You can refer to specialized product lines, or simply use a little olive oil. With this habit, your hair will be protected from the heat of the dryer as well as the impact of the sun to help the hair strengthen.

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Dry your hair before drying.

Having your hair wet for drying is a huge mistake. It not only makes the hair dry for a long time, but also causes severe damage to the hair because it is dryed for a long time, long affected under the heat impact. So take a few minutes to brush smoothly and dried through your hair before using the dryer.

Alternate use of heat modes

Don’t take care of a heat mode. Try alternating between hot and cool heat when drying your hair. Using too high heat regularly and concentrating in one place will damage the hair, which also seriously affects the durability of the machine.

Hot airflow makes the epidermis in the scalp expand, helping the hair to dry thoroughly, the cool air flow will play the role of tightening those cuticles while keeping the necessary moisture for the hair. So after drying through your hair, switch to drying in cool mode. If possible, dry your hair in a cooler mode, although it is dry for a long time, it will not adversely affect your hair.

Don’t keep the dryer in one place.

When drying your hair, you should not keep the dryer in one place. Move the machine regularly, which will make your hair drier, saving you time and significant amounts of electricity.

Regular cleaning of dryers

Cleaning the dryer regularly will help the machine be clean, the wind will therefore be stronger, ensuring the hair is drying quickly. It also helps the hair not to get dirty, while also extending the life of the dryer.

For more tips on how to use a hair dryer properly, please read the article “Instructions for using proper hair drying for beautiful hair” that we have compiled for you.

Hopefully with this article, you will pay more attention to your daily dryer habits to know which habits are harmful and need to change soon.

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