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How often should you change your wax melts ?

Wax melting is very popular, and the reason is simple. This tiny explosion of fragrance can emit a wonderful home smell, instantly illuminating every room in your home. If you are not familiar with wax melting, the first question you might ask yourself at least once is how often should you replace wax melting?

As a general rule, the wax melt should be replaced when it no longer smells. How long? If only one cube is used at a time, the total burning time is usually 8 to 12 hours. If you use multiple cubes and usually a maximum of three, you can use it for a few more hours. So , how often do you change wax melts ?

Of course, this rule also depends on other factors, including the type of heater you use, whether you have added sesame oil, and of course the type of wax or oil you use. All of these are important when determining how long the wax will melt.

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What Type of Warmer Are You Using?

How often should i change my scentsy wax : The higher the temperature, the hotter the melt burns. This also means that the wax melting will not last long because it is too hot. A lower temperature can still melt the wax, but it will take a little longer to melt the wax because it melts more slowly. If you are using a potpourri bowl, please note that the wax may not last long as it will become very hot.

If you want the wax to melt longer, it is recommended to set a timer to keep the wax from melting for a long time. In fact, some heaters have their own timers and turn them off or on automatically at certain times. Most can be set to 3 hours, 6 hours or 9 hours, and can be changed or changed with the push of a button. They can save you a lot of worries, because you will not forget them, nor will you leave them unattended for a long time.

Before we start talking about heaters, please remember that you should always use a heater that matches the wax melt produced by the same company. Since each company uses its own oil-to-wax ratio to make its own melt, the heater and the melt can work together. Not only are the recipes different, each recipe is tailored to the temperature of the heater. This is why you should always use a company-specific heater and melt together.

If you use a wax melt produced by the same company as the heater, the company will tell you the duration of the melt, so you can easily determine how long the scent will last.

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Type of Oil Used in the Melts

How often should i change my wax melts : Wax melts can be made from different types of oils. The two main oils used in wax melts today are aromatic oils and essential oils. Each of them provides an absolutely delicious smell. The main differences between the two are:

  • Fragrance oil is usually synthetic, but it can be a mixture of natural or synthetic different fragrances. They are mixed together to create a fragrance, and since they are mainly made synthetically, they are non-volatile and last longer than essential oils.
  • Essential oils can be obtained from any part of the plant, including petals, stems or leaves. The essential oils used in wax melts are usually used alone and contain no synthetic ingredients, making them truly natural products. However, since they are 100% oil, they are also prone to volatilization. In other words, they usually do not last as long as melts made from balsam.
  • The company that makes the wax melt will usually tell you what the melt is made of, so you can easily decide which one to buy.

How to Store Your Wax Melts

How often should you change scentsy wax : Believe it or not, even the way you store wax melt will directly affect its shelf life and burning time. The storage method of the melt will affect the flavor, the duration of the fragrance, and the texture itself. The best thing you can do with molten wax is to store it in a cool, dark place. The wax melt should not be exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. Doing so will affect the scent or fragrance combined with the wax, which in turn affects the intensity of the fragrance each time it melts and the duration of the fragrance.

Another tip on how to store wax melts correctly: Whenever you store a new package, place it behind the old melt to ensure that the first melt you catch is the old one. After the old one is used up, you can continue to use the new one without worrying about accidentally using wax melt that is too old to be used.

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Check the oil to wax ratio

How often should you change the wax in a wax warmer : Finally, the oil-to-wax ratio will affect the burning time of various wax melts after putting them into the heater. Today, most companies use 1 ounce of balm for every pound of wax used. It was found that this was a perfume oil concentration of about 6%. In most cases, essential oils can only bind a certain amount of wax. Naturally, if you find a company with a higher concentration of balm, the wax melt burns longer and lasts longer on the shelf.

Some well-known brands that provide wax melts with a balsam concentration of at least 6% include companies such as Yankee Candle, Goose Creek, and Happy Wax.

How often should you change your wax melts ?

Some final thoughts

How often should you change your scentsy wax : There are many factors that affect the duration of the wax smell, so the frequency of rust needs to be replaced. If you want to know how to change the melt, this is really simple. You can replace the wax melt in one of two ways. First, if the wax hardens in the heater, turn on the heater for about 10 to 15 minutes. After melting, insert one end of the ribbon into the molten wax and wait for the wax to harden again. When doing so, pull on the ribbon to remove any hardened wax blocks.

You can also use a cotton swab to absorb melted wax. When the wax has completely melted, add a few cotton swabs to the heater. For best results, add a cotton swab to each wax block in the heater. After some time, take out the cotton swab and throw it away.

If you use the card correctly, you can easily keep the wax for longer. Now that you know how to buy melts and what to look for when shopping, you can more easily find melts that you can use as long as you really appreciate it.

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