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How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger ?

Juul is a new version of e-cigarette, which has become one of the most popular products. I was curious, so I decided to try it a few months ago.

This is a more convenient device, but I realize that it is difficult for people to have fun without a charging dock. In this regard, many users are looking for the best charging method without a charger.

So, how to charge Juul without a charger? The only way to charge Juul without a charging base is to use a homemade charger or an alternative charging base that you can buy from an e-cigarette socket. Since the juul charging dock is a small and misplaced device, many Juul users have different options. So How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger ?

It is not easy to misplace it with a self-made charger. Some people say that homemade Juul chargers are not safe, but I think they are safe enough if done well.

In this guide, I will show you how to charge your juul using the original charging stand or other charging stand replacements. This guide will help you understand what a homemade juul charger is and how to make it.

We provide all the necessary information about homemade juul chargers and guide you through the correct steps to create a safe and efficient charger. let Viknews begin!

Video how to charge juul with android charger ?

Everything you need to know about the homemade Juul charger

In this part, you will learn all about the homemade chargers for juul devices. First, the guide will let you know what juul’s temporary charger is and what it is made of.

It will also reveal how it is made and help create a safe and effective charger. So let us not wait, let us finish it.

How To Charge A Juul Without A Charger ?

How a Juul Charging Different from Other E-Cigarettes

Before proceeding with the clichés of the guide, I want to recall a very convenient device designed to make juul smile on the smoker’s face.

Juul is a trend of e-cigarettes, similar to USB flash drives, designed to be charged through a small magnetic charging base, which can even be placed in a pocket.
This sophisticated technique is very beneficial because it does not make smokers craving for smoking. The charging stand simply plugs it into the USB port and installs your device to work.

It has a capacity of 900mAh and is designed to fully charge the device in less than an hour. The charger can also store enough power to charge your device when it’s in your pocket, keeping your battery in good condition.

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Charge your Juul with a temporary charger

Due to its small size, the juul charging box is often misplaced and eventually lost, resulting in the device without a charger. This is one of the problems encountered by many juul owners. As mentioned earlier, you can charge your juul device without a charging dock.
Fortunately, there are some capable people who consider making temporary chargers for juul devices to solve this problem.

You can only do this if you are resourceful and use the Android USB charger to create a temporary charger. All you have to do is to replace the old or unused android charger code with a juul charger.
But remember, this is easier than words. Care must be taken to make a homemade juul charger.

How to charge a juul without a charger easy ?

Like other experienced juul owners, you must be tired of misplaced or lost charging docks.
The price of a charging cradle may be less than $10, but if you buy it every time you lose it, you will definitely spend more money. This is why we consider temporary chargers as the best choice. That’s it.

Step 1: Find a power cord or cable with a USB plug on one end

To make a temporary charger for your juul, the first thing you need to do is to find a cable or power cord with a USB plug. It can be an unused Android charger, a smartphone connector, or a cable with a USB plug on either end.

Step 2: Cut the other end of the cable and keep the USB plug.

The next thing to do is to use a knife or scissors to cut the other end of the power cord. Be sure to keep the end, because the USB plug becomes the power input.

If you are using an Android charger, you need to cut the end connected to the gadget. If you use a spare battery charger, there are USB plugs on both ends, so you can cut off both ends.
Step 3: Expose the wires of the power cord at the cut end.
After cutting off the power cord or one end of the cable, you now need to expose the wires at that end of the cable. You may need to use a blade or knife to gently and carefully scrape off the insulation of the power cord, slowly but firmly, until the wires inside are exposed.

Expose at least 2 inches of wire so that the correct wire can be easily identified. This is important in the next step.

Step 4: Loosen the wires and determine the 2 wires needed for charging

When the wires are exposed, you will find four color-coded wires twisted in pairs. Carefully untie the two pairs of twisted wires to prepare for the next step.

Generally, the wires in the wire are black, red, white, and green. In other cases, the power cord uses silver instead of black. The wires you need are red and black, or in some cases silver.

Step 5: Fix the two wires required for charging

After unwrapping the two twisted pairs, separate them from each other. It identifies the two wires required for the charger to work.

Now you need to fold the unnecessary wires (green and white) for the power cord, and then use electrical tape to fix them in place to loosen them. For safety, the ends of the wires must be covered with electrical tape.

Step 6: Expose a little edge of the wire responsible for charging

Now I have unscrewed the charging cables (red and black/silver) and fixed the other two with electrical tape.

It’s time to concentrate, because you need to cut the plastic insulation of the two small wires with a knife or scissors. You only need to expose a small amount of two wires between 1/4″ or 0.5″.

Step 7: Twist the metal filaments so they don’t fall apart

After shaved off the plastic insulation of the charging wire (red, black/silver), you need to tighten the small metal wire inside the wire.
This is to prevent them from being scattered around during use. Twisting them will not damage the tiny strands and will produce a stronger charging contact.

Step 8: Test whether the temporary charger works

At this point, you have basically finished building your own DIY temporary juul charger, all you need to do is try it out and see if it works.
To do this, place the juul device on a flat surface with the light facing up. Then take the small red and black/silver wires from the charger you made and insert them into the gold slot at the bottom of the device.

Important note: Avoid using the two innermost gold slots. The charger wire should be connected to the leftmost and rightmost gold slots on the device. Then make sure you have a secure connection. Then finally connect the charger end to the USB plug of the USB charging port.
When the charger is connected to the power source, please check if the indicator light on the device is flashing to see if it is charging.

Congratulations! I have successfully created a juul temporary charger. It seems simple, right?

But remember, you must think twice before making it. I warn you that this can be dangerous and involves multiple risks.

Risks Involved in Making A DIY Makeshift Juul Charger

Before you decide to make a temporary charger for your juul, you need to understand and understand the risks. The hazards of self-made chargers are:

1. The risk of putting yourself in danger

One of the main risks of making a DIY juul charger with an Android USB cable charger is electric shock. As mentioned above, one of the steps to create a temporary juul charger is to cut the power cord with the USB plug. This may be an unused Android charger cable.
Performing these steps with the power cord plugged into the power source may cause electric shock. If handled properly and safely, one end of the charger will be exposed. If you are not careful, using the charger will still cause electric shock.

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2. Risk of damage to the equipment itself

Like other technological devices such as iPhones, tablets, and smartphones, juul is a device designed not to be modified or integrated with DIY experiments or special effects.
A unique Gizmo with a proprietary system that does not allow technical experiments. Doing so puts you at risk of damaging the equipment.

Another problem with using a temporary charger to charge juul is that it can accumulate too much current in the charger and severely damage the battery.
Another problem is connecting the wrong wire to the wrong charging pin, which can cause a short circuit and cause the device to malfunction.

Despite these risks, many smokers who like juul still use homemade chargers, and many have achieved success.
Yes, this can be dangerous, but it is possible if it is performed correctly, the correct steps are followed, and safety is a priority. Therefore, once you decide to choose one of them, you need to remember that you must do the right thing and put safety first.

Final thoughts

Before we end, thank you for taking the time to read our guide on how to charge your juul without a charger. I wrote this guide to help juul users who often misplace and lose their charging cradle, and experience what I did.
This guide will help you save the cost of making a temporary DIY juul charger. Always remember that safety comes first. We hope this guide will help you succeed.

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