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How To Curl Curtain Bangs With A Curling Iron ?

How To Curl Curtain Bangs With A Curling Iron : Curtain bangs are currently one of the most trending and popular hairstyles today. Usually worn with a straight line or light waves and a natural center, this simple tapered hair accessory will perfectly frame your face as if it were a window blind. If you want to learn how to cut curtain bangs, you need the right styling tools and start practicing! Here are five simple steps to get you started. Now with Viknews get it.

Video how to curl curtain bangs with a curling wand

How to curl bangs with flat iron

Now Below how to curl curtain bangs with a curling wand :

Loose hair with shoulders back

Let your hair fall back, then grab a small section of hair around the top where you want the bangs to be. With a small curling iron held to the right length, start curling your hair from the scalp upwards. If needed, you can use some gel or mousse to keep your bangs from looking greasy. For best results, use the same product on both your bangs and the hair you’re curling. Curling irons come in a variety of sizes and styles, so find the right one for your hair type.

How To Curl Curtain Bangs With A Curling Iron ?

Blow off loose ends using a fan brush

Once you’re done with the basic volumizing, blow away any loose sections using a fan brush or small air dryer to get them back in place. Straightening bangs is usually best done with a straight straightener but if you have full length hair you can always add a few braids or side-swept bangs. Once you have straightened all the loose parts, you can move on to the next step of the flat bangs. This is the part where you decide how your bangs will look.

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Curtain bangs look best when they’re cut

Curtain bangs look best when they are cut or ruched. They look great when they are thin and barely noticeable, or if the hair on your head is rather thin. If you are unsure about how to use scissors, you can always ask a hairstylist at a hair salon for advice. You can find these shears in a variety of styles, such as wide, regular, curved, or square. The type of scissors you choose should depend on your face shape and the overall look you want.

Curtain bangs are not the only option

Curtain bangs aren’t the only option for those who want a goofy bang. There are wavy hairstyles that are also very effective. These wavy bangs look great when the hair is pulled back in a light stroking motion. They can be curly or straight, depending on your look. The key with wavy hair is to keep the layers thin so they don’t drag down the rest of the hair.

Take a medium comb to remove any fluff 

Next, you will use a large tooth comb to take a medium comb to remove the hairs on the bangs. Now you will want to take the hair on the top of your head and separate it into three sections. Once you’ve got the hair that you’re going to work with separating into three sections, you’ll want to take a clean dry towel and place one section on the comb, another on the comb, and another on the towel.

Start brushing your bangs

To start brushing your bangs, make sure you keep them all the way to the roots. This will keep the comb from getting caught in anything as you go through it. Once you’ve combed through each section of hair about the same length as your jawline, comb through the remaining curls on top. This will help ensure that the comb doesn’t get caught in anything. This makes it easier for you to cut your new bangs.

Once you’ve finished all of your sections, you can dry them and be ready to use your scissors. You will want to cut your bangs with dry scissors. You should do this with as low hair as possible. The higher you can trim your hair, the lower the chance of your hair sticking out when you cut it with scissors.

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