How to get food out of wisdom teeth holes ?

How to get food out of wisdom teeth holes ? is a common phenomenon every day in many people. Eating food is not dangerous, bad in the short term. Not cleaning early will also have many negative effects on the teeth. How should the teeth be handled? Let Viknews Now !

Video food stuck in wisdom tooth hole 3 weeks after

Where is the food in your teeth?

Teething when eating food is a common phenomenon and occurs daily in many people. This phenomenon is often seen when eating meats, chewy foods …

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Any position on the jaw can be stuffed with food. Most commonly in the molars and fangs, which can sometimes be seen in the front teeth.

How to get food out of wisdom teeth holes ?

How to get food out of wisdom teeth holes ?

According to dentists,the main causes of tooth-breaking are:

1.1 Teeth are caused by teeth

Teeth are the leading cause of tooth-opening. Between the teeth when there is a gap will make food easily get in and get stuck, thereby stuffing food.

Especially in people with only small teeth, that gap will easily entangle and hold food after each chew.

1.2 Food problems caused by tooth decay cause holes

Cavities are a condition in which teeth are worn out and holes in the crown or root of the tooth are caused by bacteria.

These holes become perfect shelters for food debris, meat grains, vegetable yards,… When eating causes an extremely unpleasant feeling.

1.3 Lead teeth due to misaligned teeth

Misaligned teeth or due to a pathological problem that causes the direction of the tooth to deviate also causes food to be led back.

Food after entering the gap between the teeth, meeting the intersection between the teeth will immediately get stuck. This often causes a lot of discomfort, entanglement and entanglement every time you eat.

1.4 Due to chewing too hard

Chew chewy meats such as dried squid, beef,… It’s easy to get food stuck. With chewy foods that require strong jaw strength, it inadvertently causes food to be pushed through the teeth and not get out.

  1. Does food stick to the teeth do any harm?

Teething is a very common phenomenon, if handled promptly and properly, it does not cause much bad effects.

Most people are subjective, so the phenomenon of teeth pulling occurs regularly, continuously and prolonged leading to great dangers such as:

2.1 Loss of teeth aesthetics

Food stuck in the teeth will sometimes cause loss of aesthetics, especially colored foods such as green vegetables.

Besides, when having teeth removed, people will tend to take toothpicks. Each time flossing makes the gap of the teeth become wider, causing aesthetic loss for the teeth and the overall face.

2.2 Causes bad breath

Food that sticks in the teeth for a long time will be broken down by bacteria, acids in the taste that cause a very unpleasant odor. This makes anyone with a toothache feel insecure when communicating.

2.3 Bleeding root teeth

Food stuffed into the teeth that is not cleaned will form plaque and form tartar. Tooth lime is the leading cause of bleeding root.

2.4 Tooth decay

Food that is constantly tucked into the teeth and is not removed cleanly on a daily basis will create an ideal environment for bacteria, parasitic fungi that cause tooth decay to grow.

How to get food stuck in your teeth

Teeth are not too difficult to solve, but how to handle it properly and scientifically, not everyone knows.

3.1 Use a toothpick to get food

Using toothpicks for food is a traditional treatment applied from thousands of years ago to the present.

Toothpicks are originally made from bamboo, after which it is improved with a variety of materials to meet the needs of each object.

Toothpicks are usually small in size, allowing users to touch the toothpick’s head against the broken teeth to pull food out.

Users often have the habit of poking straight into the teeth with the desire to get all the smallest crutibles of food.

This makes the hole in the root or interstitial tooth wider, thinner. Gradually the amount of food trapped becomes more and more. This method is not usually recommended by dentists.

3.2 Floss

Dental treatment is the method recommended by doctors. Flossing with a thin, smooth and chewy design will help to get stuck food easily without affecting the gums.

Flossing can thread down the gums and clean the food underneath the gums without causing bleeding or damage.

3.3 Use an interdental toothbrush

Interdental brush with a small, thin hair head design should be easily inserted into the interdental teeth. This is a common use for people who are having braces.

Although it can help to clean food stuffed in the teeth, due to the inconvenience, few people use it.

3.4 Use a water toothpick

Tooth-curing with a water toothpick is not used by many people. The reason is that the cost is quite expensive and quite inconvenient every time you use it.

In many cases, even if flossing is not taken out, water toothpicks will be an effective solution.

Under the pressure of the water jet, food that is led between the teeth will be softened and washed away more easily. In addition, the debris also follows the washed-up water and the oral cavity will be cleaner.

How to limit teeth

4.1 Welding fillings

Dental fillings are a method of using specialized dental materials to cover the holes, interstitial teeth so that the teeth lie close together.

The tooth holes will disappear, the adjacent teeth will also be closer together. The condition of the teeth will be effectively overcome.

Fillings that overcome tooth-taking are only applied to cases of decay and tooth decay and tooth decay is not too serious.

If the number of teeth is sparse, the hole is large, the doctor will advise you to apply porcelain teeth to achieve the optimal effect.

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4.2 Cosmetic Porcelain Teeth Cover

If the cause of tooth loss is due to large teeth, the cavitiesare ,… The doctor will consider covering the client’s teeth.

Porcelain teeth will be designed based on the real teeth of the customer. The technician will make sure that after wrapping porcelain teeth, customers will no longer have a tooth gap or deviate. This prevents food jams.

Teething is not a dangerous or intractable disease. However, each person needs to raise awareness of oral protection to prevent the adverse effects of being stuffed with food.

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