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How to trick my he washer to use more water ?

If you need to adjust the water level, we will show How to trick my he washer to use more water ?
How to bypass the washing machine water level sensor .The washing machine is an essential item in any household. Without it, we would spend more time washing clothes! And since all these gadgets are now filled with various smart electronic products, the simple cleaning of the past has become a very simple task.

However, washing machine owners often face the same need to control the water level in the washing machine box. However, if these options are not pre-installed on the device, problems may occur. You can, but you are not! Today I will show you how to bypass the washing machine water level sensor.

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How to Trick My HE Washer to Use More Water?

Front load washing machine with manual water level control : If your washing machine does not have a water level switch, here is an effective way to trick and use more water for washing!

  • Weigh the clothes to be washed
  • Put the clothes in the washing tub and add twice as much water.
  • Let water seep into clothes
  • Now you can start the laundry program!
  • What’s the secret? Suppose you have 2 pounds of clothes to wash. Soak 4 pounds of water, put the wet clothes in the washing tub, the washing machine will think you have 6 pounds of clothes in it! Respectfully, it
  • Will fill the vat with the amount of water required for its weight!

This trick on how to hack a washing machine to use more water is particularly effective for washing machines without a water control sensor. If your washing machine has a water level switch, you can manually select the amount of water required for a specific load. For example, if you need to wash very dirty clothes.

However, most washing machines do not have this setting, so you must use these techniques to bypass the washing machine’s water level sensor.

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What Else You Can Do to Trick Your Water Level Sensor In a Washing Machine

Front load washer with water level control : If you think that the above method is the only way to make your washing machine use more water, then you are wrong. There is another equally effective method that can be used as an alternative. For example, if you don’t have time to soak your clothes, this can be convenient. What would you do?
The washing machine water level switch only increases the amount of water when the load in the trash can is heavy, so you only need to make the clothes to be washed more bulky!

For this, an old thin towel is very effective. Make sure it is clean and the color does not bleed! Remember, your goal is not to wash more clothes, but to make your luggage bulky!

This approach also provides another advantage. When the load is large, the rotation is more efficient because the washing machine is more balanced when it is spinning.

How to trick my he washer to use more water ?

Extra Methods Of Hacking Your Washer’s Water Level Sensors

Washing machine with manual water level control 2021 : OK. So we can pre-wet the clothes in the washing machine and make it believe that we are loading heavy clothes, or we can add a thin towel to make the clothes bigger. But what if for some reason these methods are not suitable for us? Can we somehow get more water from our smart laundry room?

Fortunately! We can provide you with the names of some effective solutions so that you can choose the most suitable solution for you.

  • Consider water level options
  • Install water pipes
  • Use batch settings
  • Adjust by pressure switch

Now let us take a closer look at each of these methods and take a closer look at how they work.

Water Level Options

What does this mean? Well, in fact, this is not a trick or a hacker. To be honest, most of us have this option installed on our washing machines, but for some reason, we tend to forget it.

The problem is that many washing machines have additional rinse options. If you are one of them, please check the control panel. Next to the “Extra Rinse” button, you will see a selector to choose the amount of water you want. Yes, it’s very simple!

Using a Hose May Help

How to fill a top loading washing machine with water : This method can only be used if you don’t spend time. You need a diverter, 6-foot hose, and plastic hose cap to make it successful.
Turn off the hot and cold water supply first. Then connect the shunt to the temperature you want to use to wash the clothes. For example, if you prefer to use cold water, you need to connect the splitter to the cold water supply system and vice versa.

Check the screws of the main channel carefully to ensure that the shunt is fully and correctly seated. In this way, you can screw into the water supply system.

When finished, pass the hose through a hole in the separator.

Then the final stage begins. Now we need to connect the prepared hose to the third channel of the splitter and open the valve while filling the machine with water. This will allow water to enter through the hose.

Remember the Bulk Setting

No, I’m not talking about increasing the load here! What we mean is that you can use the high capacity setting, but you need to switch to a small amount of clothing to do this effectively.

Generally, you can add up to 10 or 15 pieces of clothing to the bucket and wash them at once using the “batch” setting. This allows the machine to wash laundry more thoroughly. The only problem that needs to be considered when using this method is that it cannot be used to wash large items such as duvets and blankets.

Adjust the Pressure Switch

Finally, you can choose to adjust the pressure switch. However, please keep in mind that this method may not be suitable for everyone! If the drain pipe is below the high water mark, all the water will be wasted in the drain pipe!

To adjust the water level pressure switch of the washing machine, open the front control panel of the washing machine (or check the back because some machines have switches). The switch you are looking for is just behind the water level switch. To open it, you may need to gently press the disc inward with a screwdriver.

Just in case, we have other suggestions. You can choose to use a combination of the two methods we started with to fool the washing machine water level sensor. Let me remind you.

If you know that you need to wash a lot of very dirty clothes, and you decide that the washing machine uses less water than needed to deal with the dirt, here are the solutions. First pre-soak the whole piece of clothing so that the clothing is completely immersed in water. And add some wet thin towels. The total weight of this wet load increases, making the machine “think” that more water is needed!

Of course, as an option, you can add a thin towel to the dry clothes (of course, if it is clean!), or pour 2-3 cups of water into the dry clothes and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Before starting to wash. Because the water is heavy, it feels that the load is heavier than it is, and the washing machine gives you more water to wash.

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Why would someone have to hack a washing machine water level sensor?

Actually, have you ever asked yourself such a question? If you look at all modern washing machines, you will find that these appliances are usually equipped with various sensors to control the water level. This is to make the washing process as environmentally and environmentally friendly as possible. In other words, reduce the amount of water you normally use.

This is when most of us face the biggest problems. For example, washing 2 pounds of clothes is fine, just in case you need to wash them. But what if your clothes are very dirty and you need to wash the same amount of dirty clothes?

In this case, we definitely need more water to deal with the dirt! But most washing machines don’t realize how dirty our clothes are, so we always use the same amount of water! Of course, if you do not have enough water, you will not be able to wash clothes properly.

The only way to properly wash clothes is to bypass the washing machine’s water level sensor.

How does the washing machine water level control work?

Great ! Now that you think your washing machine is full of water, you know how to make it use more water.

But have you ever wondered how the washing machine actually defines the amount of water required for each specific wash? In fact, the whole scheme is very simple, you don’t need to be a technician to understand it.

First of all, modern washing machines are equipped with various sensors, especially high-efficiency sensors. The sensor detects the weight of each piece of clothing to determine the amount of water required for the wash and rinse cycle. And because the design of the high-efficiency washing machine is environmentally friendly, we will use as little water as possible to avoid excessive use of electricity.

How does your appliance define the weight of a load?

Just use the pressure switch on the control panel, it will tell the washing machine the weight of the sensor load. In turn, the pressure switch measures and controls the water level in the barrel.

How to Check Whether Your Water Level Switch Is Working Properly

To determine if there is a problem with the washing machine sensor, you can test for possible electrical faults. To do this, you must use a multimeter set to OHMS X 1.

The water level switch has three terminals. It is a good idea to find them and unlink them to test them in pairs. First place the probes of the multimeter on terminals 1 and 2 to record the readings and continue testing the other probes in the pair.

To get results, the reading should be infinite (meaning no continuity) or close to 0.0 (meaning continuity). If your washing machine is in good condition and operating normally, two pairs of terminals will be non-conducting and one pair of terminals will be conducting.

Therefore, these are the most effective ways to hack a smart washing machine and force it to provide more water than needed to wash extremely dirty clothes. None of these methods will damage the product, so please feel free to use or combine the methods you are free to use.

Even if your machine does not have such a pre-installed option to choose how much water the machine needs, you will always be able to wash your clothes correctly.


⭐Do you have a washing machine without sensors?
Yes, the top load machine with agitator has no sensor and you can add water manually.

⭐Why is the washing machine full? Is there a problem with the sensor?
No, the problem is not the sensor. It may be a problem with the inlet valve.

⭐How to solve the incomplete drainage of washing machine?
There may be a problem with the drain hose. Check for blockages or kinks. May need to be adjusted.

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