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How to know if you have a big forehead ?

The forehead is the gap between the hair and the eyebrows. Large foreheads are common in men, but so are women. Many women with foreheads think that foreheads make them look embarrassed. Others think that a big forehead will make you look older. However, there is nothing wrong with a high forehead, it can be said to be a symbol of beauty. Read on to learn how to determine if your forehead is large. So How to know if you have a big forehead ?

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What is Considered a Big Forehead

If you want to judge whether you have a big forehead, there are other things to consider. You can consider the following factors to determine whether you have a large forehead.

Average forehead size

  • The normal size of a male forehead is 2.8 inches or 7.1 cm. The average size of a female’s forehead is 2.4 inches or 5.8 cm, with a standard deviation of approximately 0.6 cm. In other words, if you are taller than this ruler, you can say that your forehead is bigger. If you have a wide face, your forehead is technically wide.
  • Although the forehead of men will fall off over time, it is less common in women.Kirkland Minoxidil 5% topical solution for men’s super hair regrowth treatment

How to know if you have a big forehead ?

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Your face shape ? How to Tell If You Have a Big Forehead

  • The shape of the face is also related to the size of the forehead. The distance from the tip of the outermost hairline to the eyebrows is the average height of the forehead. The following are some of the most common face shapes, which determine the forehead type of other people.
  • Round-The hairline on the forehead looks like a circle.
  • M-shape-the center of the forehead is triangular, and the left and right corners are acute. The shape looks like an “M” with the center forming the upper part of the hairline.
  • Rectangle-This type of forehead usually appears on people with narrow faces.
  • Triangle-The sides of the forehead slope inward and meet at the center of the forehead, forming an upright triangle.

Finger Lengths – How to Know If You Have a Big Forehead

You can also use the length of your fingers to estimate the average size of your forehead. However, this method may not be accurate because everyone has different finger types. The average width of a male hand is 3.5 inches (8.9 cm), and the average width of a female hand is 3.1 inches (7.8 cm). The average size of male and female foreheads is four fingers wide.

Finger length-how to know if your forehead is big
The size of the hand is more accurate than using the fingers. For men, the forehead should cover about 80% of the entire hand, including the thumb. You should measure your hand from your little finger to your thumb. The same rule applies to women, and the average forehead size is about 80% of the width of the hand. Anything larger than this size means a large forehead.

Face Shape and Foreheads

There are 7 different face shapes, each of which has a different effect on forehead size. You can determine your face shape by measuring:

  • Forehead width
  • Cheekbone width
  • Chin line width
  • Face length

Knowing the shape of your face can help you determine whether your forehead fits into the frame.

For an oval face, the round forehead is usually smaller. The forehead of the round face is more prominent, and the top of the eyes is the widest.

Heart-shaped foreheads are more common, and square faces have many M-shaped foreheads. The possibilities are endless, but knowing your face shape and comparing your face shape with other people’s face shapes is the best way to know if you have a large forehead.

Hairstyles That Work Well with Big Foreheads

If after reading this article, you find that your forehead is a bit big, you can try one of the hairstyles to reduce it.


Scissors: Scissors are one of the classic men’s hairstyles for reducing the forehead. Cut your hair so that the bangs are slightly higher than the forehead.

Buzz Cut: Another option is to embrace a big forehead! Don’t hide it. Let the world know through the buzz.

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Full Fringe Bob: Bob will make you a full member of the Bangs gang. Cover your forehead to highlight the long face. It also directs people’s attention to the area of their mouth, rather than the top of their head.

Side bangs: If you are afraid of bangs covering the center of your face, try using side bangs. It will still cover most of the forehead, but it will not be so obvious.

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