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How to Make a Fortune Teller (Printable Diagram Incorporated) + Cootie Catcher Layout Concepts

Learn how to tell fortunes, this is a single of the coolest origami tasks ever. These origami fortune tellers have several distinct names, some persons contact them cootie catchers (which we like to call them), some chatterboxes, and other names.

No make a difference what you simply call them, we all concur that they are entertaining-adhere to a move-by-step tutorial to make your individual. But why quit there? Turn your cootie catcher into a puppet (we have a massive number of printable templates ready for you, and directions on how to beautify with origami when folded.

How to make a fortune-telling figure-a simple Cootie Catcher tutorial with a printable chart

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We utilized to make mousetraps at faculty. They are indeed fortune-telling because we will use them to publish the names of boys and ladies (typically classmates), and then make your mind up our fate with the help of this Diy paper toy. This is absolutely exciting, and although we are delighted to share appealing cootie catcher animal types with you, the “fundamental” fortune-telling sport is still our beloved.

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a fortune teller out of paper (origami is the greatest, although you can lower out a square piece of paper for the identical function), and exhibit you some concepts on how to make them really special- Embellish it as a shark, bear, or even tiger-the exciting of origami fortune teller will never ever stop!

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How to be a fortune teller

what do you will need

  • A sq. paper/origami
  • If you want to make a idiot catcher puppet, you also need to have scissors, colored paper, glue…

Move-by-step folding recommendations

Start out with a square piece of paper/a piece of origami. For standard paper fortune tellers, you can use ordinary paper-for cootie catcher puppets, you can also use building paper. good outcomes.

Start to fold. To start with fold the origami in half to get a prolonged rectangle. Make the folds brittle. Unfold.

Keep on to fold the origami in 50 percent once more, this time alongside the other aspect. Make a nice fold. Unfold. You must see a “cross” on the graph paper.


Tip: You can also fold diagonally-this will make the final move much easier. We usually skip this mainly because it will make the cootie catcher puppet search cooler.

Convert the paper in excess of so that the colored side or the fortune-telling side really should encounter the table.

Begin folding and put one corner in the middle of the paper.

Do the exact same for the other 3 corners. Fold them all toward the center. Fold very well.

Soon after folding all the corners in the direction of the centre, you will get a square shape yet again.

Transform the paper above.

Start off folding all over again-shift the corner to the middle.

turn around

Back to the center again

Do the very same for the other 3 corners.

Folding fortune teller

fold. “Close it”-at the time you fold it in 50 %, the “triangle” must be inside of and the “sq.” ought to be outdoors (see picture below).


There are “openings” on just one side of the rectangle. Put your fingers into these openings and swing upward marginally, as you go on to swing, your mousetrap will start out to kind.

How to make a paper fortune teller

Congratulations! You have learned how to notify fortunes! Now let’s get into the entertaining portion and make some weird cootie catcher puppets.

Grab a printable fortune telling chart

Enable the fortune teller on the go-print our origami diagram right here: fortune teller origami diagram

Obtain all printable models

Child fortune teller

Cootie Catcher structure notion-generate appealing puppets promptly

We offer several of these mousetraps in printable PDF format, so you only will need to print, lower and fold them.

Or, you can use common origami paper (or printing paper minimize into squares) to make all kinds of foolish functions-tigers, peacocks and hedgehogs are a person of our favorites, so be certain to give it a try!


Origami Fortune Teller Shark Cootie Catcher

Very excellent, one particular of our favorites.

Catch freebies for shark predators listed here

Forest Animal Cootie Catcher

Funny Forest Animal Cootie Catcher

A lot of woodland creatures are waiting around for you.

Tiger Fortune Teller

Tiger Catcher

Use orange origami to make a single or use our cute printable tiger paper toy template (black and white and color variations are all set for you).

Get Tiger Pores and skin Catcher template -> Tiger Catcher

Peacock Raccoon Catcher

Peacock Raccoon Catcher

Peacocks are really intriguing since of their wonderful feathered tails. Use blue origami and paper strips to make a sheet or print our interesting designs.

Get the peacock template right here: Peacock Raccoon Catcher

Mouse style and design notion


Use a grey structure or origami to fold the fortune teller and reduce out two massive grey circles and two more compact pink circles as ears. Add some aspects and you have a mouse!

Or use our mouse template -> mousetrap

Magic unicorn

Are you completely ready to cast magic? Be a unicorn!

Get our printable template here: Unicorn Cootie Catcher

Makuti Catcher

Makuti Catcher

Horses are as adorable as unicorns. Of training course you can also make it with basic paper!

Get printable data files: Makuti Catcher

Pig Cookie Catcher

Pig Cookie Catcher

Humph! Change a piece of pink origami into a adorable fortune-telling doll!

Get printable documents: Pig Cookie Catcher

Dinosaur Raawr!

Dinosaur Fortune Teller

Get our template here: Dinosaur Cootie Catcher

Crab fun

Crab doll

Or get our printable model: Crab catcher


Chicken Fortune Teller

Get the template: Rooster Cookie Catcher


Turkey flytrap

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