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How to remove a full water bottle from a water cooler ?

Still find it difficult to do it? We will prove that it is easy! Today, many companies install coolers in their offices to provide their customers with refreshments on demand. But when the water runs out and the old water tank needs to be replaced with a new one, most of us start to panic. How to dismantle a 5-gallon water tank by yourself? ! How to remove a full water bottle from a water cooler ?

However, such a process is not as complicated as you think. To prove this, today we will show you how to gradually replace the water cooler bottle so that you can replace it whenever you need it, without having to seek help from the water delivery service.

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How to Change Water Cooler Bottle Without Spilling?

Basically, the disassembly procedure of the water dispenser bottle is as follows:

  • Prepare a new bottle for installation.
  • You remove the old empty water tank
  • You put a new bottle full of water

It seems easy, right? So yes. You only need to know exactly how to perform each step to keep your water purifier working. With a little preparation, these processes only take a few minutes, so it’s best to remember the entire process so that you can repeat everything accurately. In this way, customers and things always have a glass of cold water!

How to remove a full water bottle from a water cooler ?

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Prepare for transition

The first and most important step is to prepare to install the new bottle. These water tanks take a long time to be transported to the office, so there are a lot of bacteria and bacteria on the surface!

This is why it is so important to disinfect a new water bottle before installing it in the cooler dispenser. First wash your hands with soapy water. This will ensure the sanitary handling of new bottles.

Then clean the new bottle filled with soapy water. It can remove contaminants on the surface, which will affect the quality of the liquid.

Finally, consider preparing a working space for the bottle conversion. For example, it is recommended to place the chair within easy reach. A 5-gallon tank like this weighs about 40 pounds, so you can put a replacement bottle on it! Therefore, if you need to take a break while installing a new bottle, there is a chair nearby that can help.

Remove the Old Container

Now that your new water bottle has been properly disinfected and ready for installation, it’s time to say goodbye to the old empty water bottle. But before you start moving, make sure your existing water tank is almost empty! Otherwise, you will end up with messy water everywhere.

Therefore, after emptying the old water tank, remove it directly from the cooler and set it aside for later return to the water supplier. It is also a good idea to wipe the edges of the cooler. Dry like this and remove any foreign matter.

Put the New Tank In

Prepare a new bottle, take out the old bottle, and continue to install the new water tank. This bottle is very heavy (a 5-gallon tank weighs about 40 pounds!), so be very careful. A stable posture without back pain.

To ensure everything goes smoothly and safely, place your feet shoulder-width apart before bending over to lift the bottle. Keep your back straight and make sure that your knees do not exceed your toes!

Now hold the entire neck of the bottle with one hand and place the other hand under the water tank. You can now stand up by moving slowly. Push up the whole body with your legs and place the filled bottle on the chair prepared in advance.

You can now open the lid and lift the new water bottle to the cooler. When lifting, it must be placed at a 45 degree angle to allow water to flow into the cooler. When you see an increase in water flow, fix a new bottle to the bottom of the cooler.

So that’s it! As you can see, removing the old water bottle from the office cooler and replacing it with a new one is definitely not rocket science. However, it is still important to do everything correctly step by step. First, it will allow you to set up the new water tank correctly, and second, it will help you avoid unnecessary back problems when lifting heavy objects.

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Things to Consider When Removing Water Bottles For Coolers

You might think that before starting this process, you only need to understand the rules just described about changing the chiller bottle. However, I want to share some more important tips and suggestions with you so that you can understand all the details and nuances.

  • The water purifier bottle is very heavy, so if you feel you can’t lift it up, don’t hesitate to ask for help!
  • To keep the replaced water bottle hygienic, please store it in a place away from direct sunlight. It will help prevent the growth and development of algae.
  • Store the replaced water bottle in a cool place away from the floor to avoid possible contamination.

With these tips, you can now safely store and replace the water dispenser bottles in the office, and at least advise your colleagues on how to properly replace the water tank.

How to Refill Water Cooler?

However, sometimes you may need to refill instead of replacing the water dispenser. If you know what action to take, it will be very easy.

First, remove the white foam seal (if any) from the bottle cap. Then use a drill or knife to cut a hole about half the diameter in the new bottle cap (make sure your tool is sharp enough!).

When you are ready, replace the foam seal and tighten the modified cover. Now you can turn a full water bottle into a water dispenser. The water pressure on the foam cap leaves only a few drops of water leaking. After that, the central protrusion pushes the seal out and releases water, causing the foam seal to float to the top.

Therefore, if you don’t mind lifting heavy objects like this, it is relatively easy to replace the water cooler bottle! If not, please ask for help next time you deliver a new bottle or ask the water supplier for help.

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