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How to take a good gym booty pic ? Best Butt Selfie Photo Tips

Not all selfies are created equal. Selfie selfies, mirror selfies, sexy selfies, and my personal favorite Belfi (also called ass selfies). Booty selfies are very unique because they are not as easy to achieve as standing in front of a mirror or placing a phone in front of your face. A certain level of expertise is required to capture the perfect hip fullness. Now below How to take a good gym booty pic  ?

So we took advantage of some social media influencers who knew one or two things about showing off their perfect plump back. The following are tips and tricks for practicing perfect faith, if you 1) have the trophy (hello, it’s all you guys) and 2) are ready to bring it to Instagram. Follow with Viknews.

Video how to take a good gym booty pic

Know Your Angles

When shooting anything, the angle is everything. This is especially true when it comes to the hips. Mednik said that buttocks come in many shapes and sizes, but many women are pursuing the same ideals. “Most customers want a rounded and plump back, perfectly sandwiched between the thin waist and thin legs,” she explained.

But instead of trying to get a stretch mark and cellulite-free back that looks like Kim Kardashian, it’s better to work with what you have. Part of the charm of Belfys is that almost every nude photo captures your true face. They are honest, realistic, and a bit fragile. This is what makes them so special. In any case, the recipient of your trust already knows what you look like. If you bring them yourself, you definitely will.

In other words, you might think it is worth investing in cheap cell phones and camera tripods or selfie remotes to help you get the right angle.

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This compact phone holder not only allows you to hold your phone for hands-free selfies and photos, it is also equipped with 3 small ring light attachments to enhance the overall appearance of your lighting and images.
Therefore, Mednik does not impose the ideals defined by popular culture on everyone, but treats each customer individually. “It’s up to them to shoot them back,” she said. There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the angle question, because every shot is a unique result of the client’s appearance and aesthetic value.

But what is a proven angle that Mednik continues to examine? When customers lie on their backs, arch their backs and let their belly fat “stick out”. You can use your back and hips to add some serious shapes (pronounced as circles) to your hips, and the difference between your hips and waist will be more obvious. “For people who don’t have a lot of trash in the trunk, it’s a good optical illusion, but for people with a lot of luggage, it’s a good optical illusion,” she said.

Tips on How to Take the Perfect Booty Pic

Step 1: Get Inspired

I’m pretty sure that Instagram was invented for belfie’s only creation. Hip fixation dates back to 2015. It is 2020, but it is still not enough. But do you blame us? With so many new influencers, fitness models and physically active activists, buttocks selfies are one of the only things I like to browse through ze’grams.

So, take a look at the photos of positive influencers below, they will make you feel good about your body. Check what your legs, hip position, etc. are doing, and adjust your posture. Here are some basic examples.

Step 2: Reap the benefits of your phone

The good thing about iPhone or Android is that it has many features to make it look as good as possible. Using your own personal photo will not only make it look more casual and less direct, but it will also allow you to take a handheld shot. In other words, sending to people you want to impress is very easy and fast.

Pro tip: “Use a normal camera, not a selfie style.” From Instagram yogi and influencer Jessamyn. This makes the photos more natural.

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Step 3: Be mindful about your lighting

“Lighting can change the look and feel of selfies, whether it’s natural light, prime time, ring lights or mobile phone flash,” said model Catherine Li. Her personal preference: natural light.

However, unfortunately, finding the best angle can be a bit difficult because the phone cannot pick up well in the dark. Solution: ring light.

How to take a good gym booty pic ? Best Butt Selfie Photo Tips

Literally, every famous TikToker has one. You can also buy a stand to fix your phone between the ring lights so you don’t have to hold the phone in your hand.

Again, don’t feel that you don’t need to change your beautiful selfie. However, if you want to experiment with filters or edit the background, there are many great applications that can help you create natural colors. The tone is also. (Pro tip: try Lightroom or Nomo).

Step 4: Consider your apparel

Anything you want to wear and anything that makes you feel the sexiest is something you have to show off in your belly photo. For Anna, high waist pants are her main feature. “It emphasizes the difference between waist and hips,” she said.

If you are looking for a more sexy look, try the underwear option, it will make you a nerd of all kinds when your partner gets a photo.

Step 5: Know the poses

“It’s a bit uncomfortable,” said physical positivity advocate and trainer Anna Victoria. “Remove your hips from the mirror and turn your torso toward the mirror to keep the front and center of the booty.”

If you are not really digging the location, you can choose to bend it so that your loot will float above the phone. This is a low angle, the best way to make your butt look big. Just pick up your phone while standing and place it under your shoes. Then use the volume buttons on the left side of the iPhone to freeze the photo and take it at a right angle.

Another posture: over the shoulder mirror at will. You don’t have to be in front of the mirror (but if you are a selfie taker, you must). All you have to do is face the mirror, raise your right leg, put your foot on it, leaning against your left hip, and look comfortably at your shoulder.

In general, Jessamyn said: “It is very comfortable from all angles, including those that you think are bad.” Her advice is: “Imagine loving yourself when you take pictures.”

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