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How to tie a shirt with a rubber band ?

I almost completely tuck or tie my T-shirt. From the beginning, no matter how big or small they are to me, I think they look better and flatter. Recently, many people have asked me if I have any tips for tying T-shirts and ties. The answer is YES! I use two methods, depending on the amount of fabric I actually need to process. They are not very revolutionary, but they work like a charm and can completely change your T-shirt! That’s it. Now Follow Viknews.

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How to tie a classic, unisex or boxy t-shirt

If your T-shirt has a lot of extra fabric, use normal knots. These can include classic, unisex or boxy T-shirts, a simple knot will be great for a more fit or tailoring.

This style of T-shirt usually has cuffs on the sleeves to make them fit and complete. You can learn more about how and why to cut T-shirt sleeves here.

How to tie a shirt with a rubber band ?

If you have a lot of extra fabric, just tie your T-shirt with a classic knot. That’s it.

1. Use one hand to collect all excess fabric on one side of the body.
2. Twist the collected fabric with a tight rope until it is twisted.
3. Wrap the twisted fabric with two fingers like a knot.
4. Pull the end of the fabric out of the hole you made with two fingers. tension.

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How to tie a shirt with a rubber band

If you want to wear a more fitting T-shirt, you don’t have much fabric to use, so it is difficult to tie a regular knot. Even if you can tie a normal knot, it may not be safe because the fabric will stretch more than expected.

Instead, consider using small rubber bands or braids to create artificial knots. With this technique, you can tie knots where you want and make your T-shirt any length you want!

If you don’t have a lot of extra fabric, you can use a small rubber band (I always have a rubber band on my hands, so I use a small rubber band for my head is great!) to help tie a fake knot. That’s it.

1. Collect excess cloth with one hand.
2. Twist the fabric and tighten it with a “rope”.
3. Fold the cloth rope in half.
4. Wrap the rubber band around the folded rope twice.
5. Gently pull the fabric at the end of the loop you made to cover the rubber band and adjust.

Where to tie your t-shirt

In these two examples, I tied a knot on one side of the shirt. When pairing with jeans, I prefer the appearance of side knots.

But you can also tie the shirt in the middle! Suitable for jogging pants or sweatshirts, but also suitable for trousers.

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How to style a tied t-shirt

If you wear a T-shirt often, the cut will increase, so it is very suitable to match with high-waist pants. Pair your shirt with high-waisted jeans, pants or jogging!

Layering is also a great choice to change the appearance of a tie T-shirt. Add a thick cardigan, colorful blazer or denim jacket for a cool season look.

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