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Jumbo Box Braids With Beads At The End

When you think of the most convenient female hairstyles for African American women, the first thing that comes to mind is box braids. Most importantly, the large and wide box-shaped headband provides you with a special look that you can easily express with your hands. This is especially important in summer. So ,Jumbo Box Braids With Beads At The End.

It can be said that this long and thick box braid is neither new nor new, but reminiscent of the style of the 90s. We will not argue, but fashion is cyclical, and if they come back, we will welcome them happily and pursue statements like Beyoncé, Solange and many other great African American celebrities.

Big box braids look great on simple droop and show the full length of these big thick braids. One of the most popular styles is to pull a few braids from the bangs above the forehead and fix them behind the ears. Or choose a stylish bun featuring bulky buns or thick braids. Fishtail weaving with side bows woven with large boxes is another fashion style this season. If you think it’s too weird, then the half-up and half-bottom style with the big box braid can provide more variety for your braided hairstyle and avoid too big head. Let Get It Viknews.

Oh yes, box braids look attractive and require less maintenance. Lightweight shampoo for scalp cleansing and light peppermint oil for extra care will be the first choice for care products, but you can finally take a break from other styling solutions that use chemical ingredients and heat treatment procedures. Let us see what suits you and your hair.

This simple shape adds an interesting feel to the classic big box weaving style with minimal trouble. Beads on the headband can give you a brand new look without additional styling. Let the praise pour down!

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Video jumbo knotless braids with beads at the end

Best Big Box Braids Hairstyles | Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids with clear beads at the end : Box braids are a great hairstyle for women with African hair, but they can be improved with a variety of styling options. Beads are a popular choice for women with this hair type because they look great with box braids.


Jumbo box braids with clear beads at the end : Add different colors and hair textures to your box braids to create interesting new styles. Copper and brown match the beaded black box braid very well.

Sideswept Style

Jumbo box braids with clear beads : Use the side brush hairstyle to add a chic edge to your beaded box weave. Pull most of the hair to one side so that it is on the same side of the head.

Jumbo Box Braids With Beads At The End

Face Framing Bangs With Bead

Decorate your face with colorful beads. To put a row of beads on the eyes, you must cut off your bangs. Add beads to the bangs.

Simple Metal Beads

Metal beads are a very simple way to enhance your classic box braided hairstyle. Add some metal beads to a few box braids to get a really clean and simple hairstyle.

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Long Box Braids with Beads at the End

When weaving layered hair, the wooden beads are more prominent at different heights.

Chopped Off Shoulder Length Braids

Need a new look? For a modern African look, choose short hair with matching hair accessories. I use small beads like this photo to give it a subtle sheen.

Thick Braids with Cuffs

Add a bohemian flair to this large headband with beaded or metallic cuffs. Subtle additions bring a little shine and a lot of visual interest, so you don’t want your braids to look boring or look like other people’s braids.

Jumbo Braids with Wraps

Braids allow you to freely play any color you want. Burgundy and auburn are particularly suitable for darker skin tones. Deep red tones are suitable for any season.

Thick braids may be bulky, but this hairstyle can solve this problem. Use braided braids to weave it into a casual ponytail for a relaxed everyday look. Unnatural colors are mixed here to make this hair more playful. Who says ponytails are boring? not us!

Well, if the box headband sounds good, decide on the length and caliber. The following detailed gallery will help you choose the style you really like: small box headband and long box headband. You can also use more attractive and diverse braided hairstyles.

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