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King Of Cups As Feelings Tarot Card

A true master of emotions, the king of the cup is always calm, sober and calm. He will not be shaken by the surging emotional sea or the calm depth of water. He allows every emotion to wash himself in a comfortable and confident manner, because he knows that he can handle whatever he has to face. The king of the cup is a very likable person. He has calm self-confidence and great consideration for others, without any pretense, because he has nothing to prove to others Below All about King Of Cups As Feelings Tarot Card.

As a great leader and mentor, he does not have to brag about his abilities, he understands his emotions and uses them for his creative pursuits. Yes, this king acts with his heart, but he also knows how to listen to his own heart, so that he can create a sense of calm and balance in the chaos. He understands his feelings and impulses, but he will not succumb to them.

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When it appears on court cards (also called kings, queens, knights, or pages) or tarot cards, it usually refers to people we already know or people we will meet. Or show you how to use this energy to explore your current situation. See with Viknews Now.

Video king of cups as feelings for someone

King Of Cups Description

King of Cups as how someone feels about you : The king of the cup sits on a huge stone throne, wearing a blue tunic and a golden cloak. It symbolizes his authority and status. A small fish amulet hung around his neck, symbolizing his creativity. He holds a cup of emotion in his right hand and a sceptre of power and control in his left. Unlike other Cubs games, he seems to focus on other places without looking at the cup. Maybe he has mastered the emotional self, so he doesn’t need to pay too much attention to this aspect of himself.

The king of the cup seems to be floating on a piece of granite in the rough sea. Behind him, on the right is a fish jumping out of the sea, and on the left is a boat sailing smoothly in the waves. This photo shows that the king has learned to remain calm and balanced even in turbulent conditions, and to remain open, not to be overwhelmed by emotions and unconscious impulses. He balances emotions while maintaining strength and control.

The King Of Cup Upright

Now take a deep breath. Sometimes things get out of control, but what is happening now is not important. Before you act impulsively or do anything unusual, take a moment to evaluate the situation (hello, you will eventually regret or say something irreversible!). Rely on your emotions to plan your next actions and how to feel them.

King Of Cups As Feelings Tarot Card

Follow your instincts and listen to your heart. Yes, this is an emotional moment, but don’t let the intensity of all these emotions exhaust you! Please take a moment before replying. When you sail through chaos, don’t forget to have great patience with yourself and others. No matter what happens, we can handle it!

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King Of Cups Reversed

The King of the reversed Cup shows that you are paying attention to your deepest emotions. You are discovering the emotions stored in your subconscious mind and how these emotions affect you. We hope that this work will give you a stronger sense of control over your emotional health, so that your emotions will not hinder you from living your best life. You can go deep into your subconscious mind by reading more self-help books, writing a diary, or seeking the help of a well-trained counselor or hypnotherapist.

When the reversed King of Cups  appears in the spread, they may be more exposed to emotional anger and drama. Others may trigger you or press your button hard. Feeling frustrated, depressed, anxious and unpredictable. You may also lack self-compassion and blame yourself for small things that are wrong. If this resonates, understand the root cause of your emotions and be consciously aware of how emotions affect your life. Pay attention to your emotional balance and find a place of peace and compassion. Other people may trigger your emotional reactions, but it is up to you to maintain control!

The reversed King of Cups can show that you are suppressing your emotions and staying away from the outside world. Because we are afraid of what will happen if we confront our emotions. Your emotions are disgusting deep in your heart, and if you put too much pressure on them, you are at risk of emotional outbursts. If this resonates, you may want to consider finding a therapist who can help you overcome emotions in a safe environment.

In the worst case, the reversed King of Cups may represent a person with a vengeful heart and the ability to punish others by manipulating their emotions. He uses emotional intimidation to achieve goals and advance personal agendas. He makes you feel uncertain about yourself, as if the problem is you, not you. This will only lead to emotional instability within you. If this sounds like someone you have met in the past, you still need to do something to get rid of his control.

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