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Paintbrush Santa Ornament – Do-it-yourself Christmas Ornament

If you like recycled crafts, this adorable brush Santa decoration is the perfect Xmas craft for little ones.

You can even make other characters, all of which will glance fantastic on your Christmas tree.

Paintbrush Santa Decorations-Fun recycled Christmas crafts or DIY Christmas decorations made for kids

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This Santa Claus brush is a entertaining and affordable way to make one of a kind decorations, wrap hangers, or insert it to wreaths or swag.

Make a big batch and distribute it to instructors, postmen, close friends and family members.

If you really do not have an previous paintbrush, and you may have all the other supplies in your craft collection, you can purchase the paintbrush for this project for $1 or less!

Children's Paintbrush Santa Crafts

Brush santa ornament

You will will need:

  • 2” or bigger brush
  • Slimy eyes
  • White craft paint
  • Tan craft paint
  • Purple craft paint
  • White felt
  • White pompom
  • Twine or ribbon
  • Oil painting brush
  • Paper cup
  • Sticky course of action glue

Phase-by-action guidelines

Very first coat the entire wooden handle with crimson paint and allow it dry.

Pour the white paint into the paper cup right until it is as significant as the bristles in the paintbrush.

Step 2

Cautiously dip the brush into the paint until eventually the steel part of the brush.

Step 3

Shake off the surplus and then lay it flat to dry so that it hangs on the floor like you see right here, or you can hold it on a tree or one thing and let it drip and dry.

Step 4

When your beard is dry, take a pretty smaller paintbrush and paint the metal aspect with flesh-coloured paint and permit it dry.

Step 5

Insert slimy eyes…

Step 8

…And then use the again close of the modest paintbrush to paint him a round and ruddy confront…

Step 9

…And a rosy pink nose.

Step 10

Cut the white felt into a strip about 1 inch huge and trim it a tiny wavy to make the edges less sharp.

step 1

Take care of the felt strip with craft glue so that most of it is on the red cope with and slightly overlaps the metallic.

Step 11

Tie a rope or ribbon to the handle to dangle…

Step 6

…And then glue it on the white pompom to complete the Santa Claus hat.

Step 7

Your paintbrush Santa is completed.

Children's Paintbrush Santa Claus Decoration Crafts

Paintbrush Santa craft idea

The undertaking was contributed by Jodi.

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