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Salt Dough Handprints Candle Holder Keepsakes

These salt dough handprint candlestick souvenirs will permit the cutest (and helpful) youngsters to make Mother’s Working day items or Xmas items. Nicely, for the reason that they are sweet, personalized and really uncomplicated to make, they will be excellent kid’s items for any event.

You can use salt dough to make them, which is quite frugal for presents made in class, or if you make these salt dough handprints at home, use air-dried clay.

Salt dough handprint candlestick souvenir craft ideas made by children

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These souvenirs are not only a great reward built by a youngster, they are basically a helpful thing, so what is actually not to like!

If you are a teacher and are hunting for a wonderful task to make Mother’s Working day for your classroom (preschool, kindergarten is perfect), then this is of system a good selection if you use salt dough (we certainly advise It because it is value-helpful)). If you are earning this at residence, salt dough is of class an solution, but you may well want to check out air-drying clay due to the fact it is quicker-so there is no warm-up.

Salt dough handprint candle holder souvenir craft idea

Salt dough is truly easy to make, we will share a quick recipe in this tutorial, but if you want to understand much more and recommendations and tips to make the best salt dough ever, be sure to look at out our in-depth “How to make salt Dough recipes” ideas and methods guideline.

How to make salt dough handprint candle holder souvenirs

what do you require:

  • Salt dough or air-dried clay
  • Craft paint
  • brush
  • Tea candles (you can also purchase electronic types)-these are actually frugal, you can obtain a good deal of them at greenback suppliers.

Optional: gems or other decorations

Step-by-action tutorial

If producing salt dough, please make a batch very first. If you are making use of air-dried clay, remember to skip this portion.

To make salt dough, you will need the adhering to substances:

  • Flour (1 cup)
  • Salt (1/2 cup)
  • H2o-neither chilly nor incredibly hot (1/4 to 1/2 cup-starting from 1/4, add far more if required)
  • Bowl
  • parchment

Initially blend flour and salt in a significant bowl.

Upcoming, insert water slowly and gradually, mixing or kneading when adding water.

Knead the dough for about 10 minutes-it need to have a uniform regularity. It ought to not be sticky!

Now you have dough or air-dried clay-shape it with your fingers. The form will have to be substantial ample to accommodate the kid’s hand.

Press tightly on the dough or air-dried clay with your arms, leaving fingerprints.

Depending on the age of the kid and the kind of candle, this step may possibly not be completed independently by them. Push the candle into the dough/clay in the heart of the palm. Shake it a tiny, since the dough shrinks when it dries, so the candlestick hole will shrink a little bit.

Bake the dough or permit it air dry.

Soon after drying, enable the small children draw their handprints. Let the paint dry.

Place the candle in the specified position (you can even resolve it with glue).

Salt dough handprint candle holder souvenir

It truly is all accomplished! Your little one made a salt dough handprint candlestick memento.

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