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Signs he likes going down on you ?

Going down a woman raises expectations. There are amazing ways men can work around the vagina. Also, providing a good oral cavity will make you feel like a Holy Ghost, spewing orgasms straight through your vagina and into your heart. If good oral sex can successfully knock you out, men have a sense of accomplishment. First of all, here’s why men like to look down on you. So Signs he likes going down on you ?

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Signs He Loves Going Down on You

1. You don’t have to (never) ask. He makes you crumple without you without having to keep climbing little by little out of bed until he eventually has his head in your crotch. He tries to do it not only because he knows you like it, but also because it excites him.

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2. Don’t give up even if it takes time. He doesn’t complain about the chin, impatiently stop and have sex right away, or get up, sigh heavily and start licking again. He knows he is there to do the due diligence and will not return until he has done what he is supposed to do.

Signs he likes going down on you ?

3. You absolutely owe him nothing. He lives in the moment and moves on to the next sex lineup. He sees you trampling on you as some people see about raising children. Doing so is a reward in itself. He probably doesn’t see it exactly that way, because it’s odd to use children in the metaphor for cunnilingus.
4. You are sure he will eat “your quality” flavored potato chips. He seems to really, really like it. Maybe he submitted it to the Lay’s Do Us Flavor contest (he didn’t win).

5. Cunnilingus is foreplay every time. always. Sometimes you just have to tell him you want to have sex and he actually seems a bit disappointed. That sad face is the face of a man who wants that face to fill your vagina.

6. He … is willing to go even when it’s not the most ideal time of the month. This is a true champion. There’s nothing offensive about menstruation, but there’s something about it that comes after Twilight’s nativity scene and looks like Edward. This guy will be brave enough to taste a hot penny for 10 minutes for your orgasm.

7. He does it during sex. It takes a lot of concentration and self-control to go from having active sex to not having a penis in your vagina. If he likes to change things during intercourse, it’s because he really enjoys it.

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8. He welcomes your feedback. (But you don’t have much. He’s really, really good.) Practice makes perfect, and his oral skills are almost perfect. That means he’s been practicing a lot. Some people hit the gym a lot, some build model trains in their spare time, and some really love to trample you.

9. Sometimes you have to stop him. One orgasm is enough, but he’s still there. If you have to beg to stop, it’s the goalkeeper.

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