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Top Cute Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women

The tattoo behind the ear is very cute, intimate and meaningful. Behind the ears is also the best place to hide tattoos. Behind the ear tattoos are becoming more and more popular because it is a place where people can easily hide their tattoos and show off when the impulse appears. It is a private space hidden behind the ear, which can be covered with hair, headband, glasses or earrings. Follow Top Cute Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women below.

The following tattoos are examples of tattoo sizes behind the ears. Admire the small samples of attractive and thought-provoking tattoos hidden behind the ears. Viknews love for you.

Video behind the ear tattoos black girl

Top behind the ear tattoos for guys

Star tattoos

Another popular tattoo placement design behind the ear is the star. You can see the exquisite ink marks of various celebrities. The stars symbolize guidance and hope, providing light in the darkest night. Women who have gone through difficult times can find inspiration behind ear star tattoos. It can also be a tribute to a loved one who has passed away. There are many design options for this layout. Some popular choices are constellations, dotted statistics, zodiac signs, and traditional stars.

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Heaven Tattoo

If you like to look up at the night sky, you will find inspiration for the celestial theme behind the ear tattoo. This design is very popular with young ladies and is suitable for matching moon and star earrings.

Zodiac Tattoo

Due to the popularity of Leanna, many women are attracted by the constellation tattoos behind the ears! If you believe this, find an artist who can create your zodiac sign and create a design that resonates perfectly with you.

Small tattoos

Most women prefer small tattoos that are inconspicuous and easy to cover up. It’s actually very popular these days, and one of the most popular placement options is behind the ears! It is very suitable for expressing your delicate and elegant design in a small space. There are many different designs to explore, some of which are geometric shapes, musical notes, initials or cute pets! The ink behind the ear can cause a lot of discomfort, but a small tattoo does not take long to complete.

Top Cute Behind The Ear Tattoos For Women

Simple tattoo

Tattooing behind the ear is a popular trend among women. However, the layout provides very limited space for complex tattoo designs. If this is your first time, the best way is to choose a simple tattoo. For a truly outstanding body, choose a clean, straight design with limited shadows. It can have anchors, stars, flowers or initials. A simple and clear design is becoming more and more popular. Choose black ink to maintain elegance over time.

Clean line tattoos

If you like the minimalist approach, simple, clean line tattoos are the perfect choice for tattoos behind the ears. There is not enough room for its location, but a complicated black ink arrow or trendy shape looks great in this place.

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Flower tattoo

Flower tattoos are a popular ink design choice for women. Different flowers have different meanings. It can symbolize friendship, joy, hope, courage, and love, so everyone has a choice. Flowers, no matter how big or small, no matter how you look at them, are beautiful. Therefore, they are also a lovely choice for behind-the-ear flower tattoos. Choose vines according to the shape of your ears to get a beautiful ink design.


Do you miss Japan and all the good things about it? Get a cherry blossom tattoo that reminds you of happy memories of this country. This flower symbolizes beauty, love and the passage of time. If you choose this design, you will get exquisite body art with rich connotation.

Feather tattoos

Feather tattoo designs are a popular choice for men and women. They look great when inked with large and detailed color designs. However, it can also look elegant when finished with only a limited design and pure black ink. Feathers are related to flight, travel and freedom. A small and simple tattoo that is great behind the ear. The image is cleverly curved along the shape of the ear to achieve the perfect tattoo design.

Cross tattoo

One of the simplest tattoo designs is a cross tattoo to express your love of faith. If you want to keep reminding yourself of your faith, you can tattoo a cross behind your ear. It also symbolizes the depth of your listening to God’s words. A tattoo behind the ear is a unique and discreet position. Ideal for those who want to hide their tattoos.

Tree tattoo

Tree tattoos are great tattoo designs that you can do behind the ears. Trees represent growth, knowledge, protection and longevity. If you love nature, you will also appreciate tree tattoo designs. You can draw a simple but important black ink tree outline behind your ear for the next ink.

Angel tattoos

Another versatile tattoo design that is very popular with modern women is angel tattoos. Christians are attracted to angels because they symbolize their faith. Angels are also biblical figures, and others consider them to be “guardian angels.” Angel tattoos have many different expressions, and they look great with different ink techniques. If you want the image of an angel behind your ears, you should choose a simple design that follows the natural curve of your ears.

Dream Catcher Tattoo

The dream catcher is an important amulet in some Native American cultures. They were built by mothers and grandmothers to keep children away from nightmares. Engraved in a beautiful tattoo design, the dream catcher becomes a symbol of protecting people from negative thoughts or energy. Some people also think this is a tribute to their roots. If it is closely related to what the original image represents, elements such as feathers and belts can be used as a subtle nod to the original image. For tattoos behind the ears, it is best to stick to smaller and simpler dream catcher designs.

Heart tattoo

There is nothing more meaningful than a small heart tattoo. As we all know, it represents love, passion and affection. Receiving Xinmo can be a tribute to your loved one, or it can be a constant reminder to listen to your inner voice. Women find that the heart tattoo behind the ear is an attractive option for their next ink project. They look elegant and sophisticated, but they are also very personal.

Crown tattoo

Women will also like to get these crown tattoos behind their ears. It is a clear expression of power, wealth and royalty. Find inspiration in the crown tattoo design and reach your goal as soon as possible.

Moon tattoo

Moon tattoos are a versatile design option that can be considered behind the ears. It is related to change and transition. Similarly, the moon is related to the energy of women, so it is very popular with women. Consider a small moon tattoo that perfectly fits the limited space behind the ear. Depending on the symbol you want to get, you can get a full moon, half moon or new moon.

Musical note tattoos

You can often see notes tattooed on people with musical taste. Sometimes it will play a melody, but sometimes you can only see one note. If you are a big fan of music or it has had a huge impact on your life, you may want to consider a musical note with a tattoo behind your ear. It’s like listening to your own melody.

Scissors tattoo

Are you looking for a unique tattoo with deep meaning? Scissors tattoos are individual items that can be worn conspicuously or inconspicuously. The ideal small scissors tattoo design behind the ear. It may be a daily household item, but it can actually prevent negative effects and mean self-improvement. It has to do with independence, acuity, and control over decision-making. It may be simple ink, but it loudly indicates that you are starting over.

Undersea tattoo

There are some mysterious things about marine life, and women find them very interesting. If you are a mermaid, you will love the shell or starfish tattoo design behind your ears! Explore the options and get a small watercolor spot door.

Elephant tattoo

Elephants are considered to be gentle giants, representing prosperity, luck and wisdom. Despite the large size, inking on small images can make a cute tattoo design. Elephants are smart animals and are also related to patience and loyalty. Many women have also established good relationships with these mammals because they are maternal. Baby elephant tattoos look great in any position, but they also look great behind ear tattoo designs. You can also get a mother and daughter tattoo to show your relationship.

Dragon tattoo

If you want a universal tattoo with strong meaning, choose a dragon tattoo design. It is suitable for both men and women, and can be designed with various techniques according to the style you want. Dragons are usually associated with protection, strength, and wisdom. Women born in the Year of the Dragon will definitely use this tattoo design to look good. Likewise, if you like fictional dragon characters, you might be inspired to get a dragon tattoo behind your ears. These elements look great in designs large and small.

Anchor Tattoo

For the ultimate symbol of hope, a safe harbor, and the motherland, please consider an anchor tattoo design that uses ink behind the ear. It has long been a popular tattoo design for sailors who wish to end their long journeys. It may be a great couple tattoo for those who travel across the sea or travel extensively. This is a simple and meaningful design, very suitable for narrow spaces like behind the ears.

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