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Top half black bottom half blonde hair

Have you ever thought that you are half blonde and half black? Cultural stars like Cruella DeViil and Harley Quinn have made this dress iconic, but it’s up to you to make it durable and elegant. Believe it or not, this style is suitable for all hair textures and skin tones. So Top half black bottom half blonde hair.

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The Best Half Blonde Half Black Looks

With boredom and excitement! how? Choose two-color hair! Two-tone hair is a very cool trend, and it’s easy to fully understand why. It allows us to creative our hairstyles in a very interesting way.

1. Two-color hair: dark on the top and light on the bottom

You can often find two-color hair ideas that are darker at the bottom and lighter at the top.

But you can do the opposite with grain feeding and truly memorable hairstyles.

For example, try mixing black tops with golden bottoms.

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2. Blond hair on the front and brown on the back

On the other hand, you can choose to combine colors vertically instead of horizontally.

In this regard, it is best to choose a bright color for the front of the face.

You can test for blond hair in the bangs and brown hair on the back.

3. Semi-two-color hair

You can also choose half-tones and half-tones for your two-tone hair ideas and have a lot of fun.

The striking blend of copper and Burgundy is an example. We like the way the side parts here evenly separate the colors.

4.Shadow root hairstyle

Top half black bottom half blonde hair

It is impossible to talk about two-tone hairstyles without mentioning one of the hottest trends of the year: the shade route.

Whether you decide to grow natural roots or darken them with hair dye, we recommend shaded roots as one of your choices.

5. Two-color hair color ideas for long hair

If you have long hair, it will be fun to try different shades.

For example, you can dye the lower part of your hair black or dark brown, and dye the top honey golden.

You will have both avant-garde and fashion at the same time!

6. Half beige and half dark brown

The bright beige quickly enhances the appearance. This beige blonde and half-black hair contrasted sharply with her reddish skin. If the real black is too much, try this rich dark chocolate color.

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7. Elf Scissors

Pixies is suitable for short hair, half black and half blonde. To create beautiful transparent contrast, ask your stylist for many uneven layers. If you have thick hair and a lot of body, the boundary between colors is another option.

8. Baby Bang + Shaved Undercut

For all little punk ladies, consider this half-black and half-blonde shaved side. The undercut is sharp and subtle. They look great with straight hair and baby bangs.

9. French braids

Use braided, half-blonde, and half-black hair to accentuate the contrast. Ordinary braids are always a good choice, but this French braid adds a little blond or black hair on the other side, which looks cool.

10. Smooth and straight

Do you want to use smooth or precise locks? Half-blonde, half-black straight hair looks great whether it is long or short. Because this appearance is very neat, it is best to trim to deeply condition the hair.

Finally, here are some cute and avant-garde hair ideas that can show your colorful side. Aqua hair is so named because it usually contains turquoise and indigo shades.

Find the best way to put them together, and you will surely have a dizzying hairstyle!

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