Very simple Oreo Turkey Cookies

I imagine you will have some sweet corn left over from Halloween, and what much better way to use it than to make these easy turkey cookies right before Thanksgiving.

You can eat these with leaf biscuits that are pretty simple to make!

Easy Oreo Turkey Cookies

These seem incredibly fascinating and effortless to make, so young ones will enjoy to make them!

Let us make some basic turkey biscuits

raw product:


Chocolate frosting

Wilton’s Candy Eyes

Candy corn


Turkey Biscuits

Open your Oreo cookies and refuse to try to eat it. I know this is a complicated move, specially when the mouth watering white filling is staring at you.

Distribute a tiny sum of icing sugar in the center.

Make turkey feathers by placing sweet corn evenly on the frosting (used as a delectable glue).

Carefully put the two biscuit areas together. A light-weight push—just ample to make the two halves adhere collectively.

Choose a modest fall of icing sugar and use it as glue to utilize to the eyes.

Just take an additional sweet corn and crack it aside, leaving only a compact piece of orange for the beak (or just use a full sweet corn).

That’s it! Rinse and repeat until you have a entire turkey rafter (did you know that a team of turkeys are named rafters?).

Simple turkey biscuits kids can make

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