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What color does red and purple make on hair ?

Looking for red and purple hair color ideas? Nowadays, when you think about new hair color ideas, if your goal is to look very different from others, you must think outside the box. We are all trying to transcend the ordinary with new and exciting ideas. Fuchsia hair color definitely falls into this category. So , What color does red and purple make on hair ?

Mixing different colors together is something to consider. What are red and purple? Red and purple hair colors are the latest fascination combination. The colors are definitely well matched, the most beautiful gradient ever. Let Get It Viknews.

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Mixing Red and Purple Hair Dyes

  • When you mix red and purple dyes, you will get a different purple color than before mixing.
  • The key to changing the color is the red you choose.
  • The darker the red, the stronger the purple, the lighter the red, and the softer the purple.

Please, before I start mixing any type of dye, I hope you take a deep breath and give it a try.

What color does red and purple make on hair ?

Because I had a bad day at the salon today. Do you want to know why?

This is because people do not consider various factors when mixing dyes of different colors, such as which dye should be used and the basic rules of color comparison. This is where the problem arises.
They used this new color for their hair. And bang! The result is not what they want, or worse, the hair color is uneven. This is when they come to the hairdresser for a solution.

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Before using mixed dyes, it is important to understand how colors work.

For example, purple is a binary color. do you know?

In other words, it consists of two primary colors: red and blue.

This is why mixing red and purple dyes produces purple. Since purple already contains red, we only need to modify the intensity of purple.

Therefore, it is very important to choose the right red when mixing colors.

I know that you are ready to learn all the knowledge about mixing red and purple, and I assure you that I will tell you all the relevant information as soon as possible.

But first, let me give you a suggestion. Before mixing the colors together, check all the existing colors of the brand to make sure they have the specific purple you are looking for.

Oh, have you already done it? Can’t find the exact color you imagined? what!

If so, let me say:

  • Types of dyes used to mix purple and red
  • How to choose the right color to mix red and purple
  • How to mix two colors of dyes correctly

You will end up with the very special purple that you have been looking for.

What dye should I use to mix red and purple?

When mixing red and purple, semi-permanent dyes must be used.

First, it is very difficult to obtain permanent purple dye.

In addition, if you are using permanent dyes, you can only see the color obtained with the mixture after you have used the mixture on your hair. Because it uses a developer with a permanent dye, you can see the color acting on the hair.

Leave the right amount of hair dye on your hair, wash and dry your hair, and you will finally be able to see the color you created.

If you like it, hey! But if you don’t like it, you must bleach it to remove it.

So, as a professional hair dyer, if you want to mix two colors, such as red or purple, I don’t recommend permanent dyeing.
Do you want to know which brands of red and purple dyes I recommend?

  • Manic Panic: As a 100% vegetarian, it will not damage your hair and has an impressive color palette.
  • Trendy colors: There are some shampoos and conditioners on the market, they will not damage the hair, and the color will last longer. There are more than 30 colors in the palette, including neon colors.

Now that you know which dye is best for mixing red and purple dyes, let’s start choosing colors. It’s all about choosing the right red based on the exact shade of purple you are looking for.

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Which red color to choose depending on the purple you are looking for

As I said at the beginning, purple already contains red, so choosing the right shade of red to add to purple will be the key to the final color.

Both Manic Panic and Punky Color have different shades of red.

  • Adding deep red to the purple dye will make it appear more intense purple-violet.
  • Adding mid-red to the purple dye will produce a softer purple.
  • Adding bright red to the violet dye produces bright purple.

As you can see, as we change the added red shade, the purple shade will also change.

Once you have chosen the correct red, all you need to do is mix it with the purple dye.

How to mix colors properly

Okay, now you can use dyes and know which shade of purple to target, it’s time to mix the colors.

The advantage of semi-permanent dyeing is that the color can be developed without adding a color developer, so the color in the mixing container is the color in contact with the hair.

This is an advantage because adding a bit of red will give you the exact color you need.

The first thing to do is to prepare a plastic container and a measuring instrument, such as a bottle cap or a spoon.

Then take a piece of paper and a pen. It is also very important to note the exact ratio of each dye you use in the mixture so that when you need to correct the color, you will get the exact same color.

Are you ready? let us begin!

  • First add some red dye to the purple dye and mix well. If you don’t like this color yet, you can add as many reds as you want.
  • Don’t forget to keep track of exactly how much red is added so that you can use it when deciding to modify the color.
  • When the desired purple color is reached, wet the hair and apply from the root to the tip.
    Leave it for 30-40 minutes, then rinse and dry your hair.
  • Remember that semi-permanent dyeing will last 2-3 weeks, so the color needs to be corrected over time.

If you choose the color that you want to mix red and purple from Punky Color, you can also use a range of shampoos and conditioners to keep your hair color longer.


Before mixing dyes to get the desired purple, make sure that the color you are looking for already exists, as brands such as Punky Color or Manic Panic offer multiple colors.

Mixing red and purple dyes will always produce purple.

What exactly determines the shade of purple is the amount of red you add to it.

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