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Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top ?

Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top ? In your life, have you ever encountered a situation where your hair seems to be loosely curly, but when you look up, you can see a lot of straight hair under the top of the curly hair? Therefore, for all the beauties who encounter this situation, if your hair is half ponytail, please don’t be confused, because you are not alone! In this article, we will not only fully explain the situation, but also provide the best alternative hairstyles for those who complain about “my hair goes straight up and down”. look at this with Viknews.

Video I have straight hair, but some strands are curly

Why is the top layer of my hair straight?

Why is my hair curly on one side and straight on the other :

  • The top layer of your hair is straight because you may have mixed hair types. That is, the top layer is straight and the bottom layer is curled.
  • To solve this problem, you can choose to straighten or perm to even out the texture of the two layers.
  • If you don’t want to apply these procedures to your hair, there are other options. Straightening requires the use of certain products to protect the hair from external factors and incorporate some hair care habits.

You may be here because you think you have two types of hair. The top layer is straight and curled, and the bottom layer is very different.

Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top ?

Do you have curly hair?

We have news. This may not be entirely correct, and I have mixed hair. So the top layer is straight and the bottom layer is curled.

However, other factors such as the type of product you use, the water you use to wash your hair, and even sunlight can straighten the top layer.

Everything has an effect, so the top layer is thinner, straighter and easier to curl.
Are you sure you want to change the top level?

You will not be able to achieve it with magic. So stay with me because i will tell you

  • Why is the top layer of the head straight
  • How to unify hair texture with hair care
  • Alternative solutions to improve hair shape

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Why is my hair curly underneath but straight on top

My natural hair is straight in the front and curly in the back : Hair stylists also made suggestions for this hairstyle, and most of them think that it is normal to have this type of hair. You may not know it, but most people’s hair usually has 4 different curl patterns, ranging from wavy, curly, loose and tight.

It is said that all curly patterns on the hair are normal, because it is related to everyone’s genes . It is important to know that the genes that determine curls are not completely dominant. It may stay for a while until it is activated, after which the hair follicles will change shape. This leads to changes in the new hair that grows from it.
In addition, hair style can be affected by many factors, including genetics, lifestyle and stress. Health also affects your hair. If you have a thyroid , hormones can quickly affect it and change the thickness and curl style of your hair.
If your hair is straight at the top and curled at the bottom, this may be caused by damage, or it may not be at all! Some keratin treatments  result in completely straight or damaged hair, causing some people to lose waves with bleach. You will also meet people with perfect virgin natural hair and they love their craziness and patterns!

How to unify the texture of your hair with a hair treatment

My hair is curly in the front and straight in the back : You can straighten or perm your hair to unify the two textures. Then you will get a layer of hair.

Straighten treatment

Straighten all of your blended hair so that the curls at the bottom are as straight as the top layer.


If you prefer curly hair, you can choose a perm for the top layer to match the bottom layer.

However, if you don’t want to straighten or perm your hair, you can improve the appearance of the top layer. This is what I want to say next.

Alternative solutions to improve the shape of your hair

What are your hair care habits?

Many times, I tell you based on my own experience that people will not use hair products that suit their hair quality.

In addition, in some areas, water will become heavier because it contains many minerals and even lime.

These minerals make hair fibers heavier. This is why the top layer is straight and the bottom layer is wavy.

why is that?

Because the upper layer is more exposed.

You don’t have to move. However, you can choose some products that counteract these effects.
For example, hair products that do not contain keratin or protein. Do you know why?

This is because curly hair has a lighter molecular composition, and hair requires more structure than straight hair.

When these products are used for mixed hair, the straightening layer will be straighter due to molecular weight.

What is the solution?

Use straight hair care products because their molecular weight is much lower and the hair is perfect.

There are keratin shampoos for straight hair, keratin conditioners and keratin masks.

All the hair care products I use for straight hair give the top layer a more curly structure, so it blends with the rest of the hair.

Now your work does not end there.

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How to protect your hair to avoid a straight top layer

The factor that causes the greatest damage to the top layer is continuous exposure (such as sun, perfume, rain, hairpins, and even dyes).

The top layer undergoes more abrasion and eventually becomes straighter and more curly. But there are some ways to solve this inconvenience without investing too much.

  • Wear a hat to protect you from the sun.
  • Spray micellar water every 2-3 hours to moisturize the hair.
  • Drop a few drops of coconut oil from the roots to the tips to repair the hair and thicken the hair fiber. You can do it two to three times a week.
  • If you want to pull your hair back, do not use rubber bands or straighteners. Instead, use clips or less aggressive hair accessories.
  • Using a wide toothbrush, start from the end of the hair and slowly brush upwards.

If you follow these instructions, your top layer will be repaired in less time and it will no longer look straight and curled.


The top layer of your hair is straight because you may have mixed hair types.

Hair can be straightened or permed to even out the texture of the hair. Or, you can make some small changes to your hair care routine, such as choosing straight hair care products and protecting your hair from external factors.

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